Progress (not Perfection) Report–February 2010 (Linky Party)

This list may look really impressive at first glance, and then not so impressive when you read that my parents did most of the work (that’s why we call them the “miracle workers”), but they kept me very busy keeping up with them! And I realized, just how much of my days is consumed with driving children to and from school and other places they need to be. (Hopefully that will change next year!) There is much to do in the final 2 mos. before baby to get organized, but they really helped establish a framework that will allow me to make progress in the rest of those goals.
So here is what I brainstormed. Several of these items will require their own blog posts in the coming weeks, so be patient with me as I get those up, but here is my progress report.
Accomplished in February:
  • Cleaned up back yard and porch (got rid of lots of junk collecting there).
  • Hosted an impromptu Valentine’s evening fondue party for some friends that were back in town visiting.
  • Cleaned out a bit of the garage to make room for my parents’ car. (Lots of organizing still to do, but good baby steps!) And filled some of our large water barrels for emergency prep!
  • Mom recovered all of my throw pillows with fabric I got for FREE from a friend!
  • And she added nailhead trim and fixed a button on the chairs we recovered before.
  • Dad hung random pictures, a curtain, hooks for the hooded towels in the kid’s bathroom, etc.
  • We “finished” the SPACE ROOM! (more pics coming soon!)
  • Rearranged 3 rooms of furniture (girls room to old guest room, exercise equip to master bed, guest bed to new nursery.
  • Painted new girls’ room (two-toned), installed moulding (I did lots of the painting, but Dad did the moulding)
  • Finally painted old oak bookshelves white to go in girls room. (Almost done, pics soon)
  • Dad assembled a closet storage system in girls’ new room, and added extra shelving in the top of two bedroom closets, now waiting for me to organize!
  • Mom made ruffly curtains and 2 matching bed-skirts for girls’ room.
  • Finished makeover of two old cork bulletin boards.
  • Dad & BSB moved a built-in cabinet that was never properly installed in the garage, making it fit next to the rest of the cabinets, and opening up the space.
  • They also installed two big workbench lights, out there.
  • Mom mended all kinds of clothes and accessories for the children. They didn’t even talk to me about them. They just brought their pile of clothes to Mom and her sewing machine.
  • Mom and I started making the baby quilt and wall hanging to go in the nursery. I did the design, and sent it with her when she left, to do all the sewing stuff.
  • Finally found an armoire on Craigslist to hold my keyboards! I teach a music class and need several keyboards by the fall for my students to use. We found a great deal on black Friday, and have had a giant stack of keyboard boxes in my living room, ever since. This is much better!
  • Mom made two sets of curtains to hang in my master suite arch ways, for a little more privacy. I’ll post picks when we install the tie-backs.
  • Last night: took down all Valentine’s Decor (before March, yea!)!
Your turn! Link up anything you’ve done that you are proud of this month! Please link back here, so others can participate, too! Let’s motivate each other to keep making progress!


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  1. Kristi @ Creative Kristi says

    Oh boy. You make me feel like I am sorely behind on my 'before baby #2' list! I'm due June 4th and my list keeps getting longer without much getting crossed off :-/ Now maybe this list will be the kick in the butt I need 🙂

  2. OK- I am making my list as well. I realized much of my list consist of my children's accomplishments! Guess they wouldn't get done without me!!!

  3. Wow that's a huge list of accomplishments! I can't believe that you had the energy for that while pregnant.

  4. Cant wait to see full posts about some of these!!

  5. Danielle - Belleza e Luce says

    You've inspired me! I am making a list and joining up!

  6. Wow, I think I want to rent your parents.

    And I can't wait for the Space Room. My son's Space Room is currently in progress and I'm always looking for improvements to my ideas.

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