Happy Memorial Day!

Here’s wishing you a great day filled with family and fun.
And hopefully a chance to remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.
These pictures were taken earlier this year as our family participated in a parade honoring our soldiers. We carried pictures of some of our family’s heros: My husband’s Great Uncle Phil–a pilot in WWII who was shot down after completing his part of a dangerous mission in Europe.
And my husband’s Grandpa who was also a pilot who trained other pilots in WWII. (Thankfully he made it through the war and went on to live a full life, dying a few years after we were married.)

If you’d like to see what I came up with to say “thank you” to some service men and women (navy) last year at Girls’ Camp, look at this post:

I do want to express my gratitude to all of those who put their lives on the line to protect my freedom. THANK YOU!
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