Very Little Girl Wall Hangings

I am reposting this to submit to the CSI projects for the week.  Come back soon (tonight?) for my recap of the Tour de Thrift this weekend!

I stumbled on a blog that was suggesting that we could make our own canvas wall-hangings for much cheaper than the ones they sell at places like Pottery Barn, and I remembered that I had not shared the adorable wall hangings that we made for my niece’s nursery, yet. My mom did the hard part, sewing them all together, and making them look so cute. My sister and I designed the dresses and nursery based on the story and images from “The Very Little Girl” book.

This was a big-time favorite, growing up, and is now out of print and hard to find. The book is so cute! In each picture the little girl is wearing a different combination of pink, black, white, and/or green. The book is about how she grows bigger, and so the three dresses, (if you look closely) are hung from smallest to biggest.

Even without the story, I think these dresses would be adorable for any girly-girl’s room!  I wish I had a better picture to show, but the ruffles and ribbons are all 3D.

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  1. Jen @ says

    Those are so cute kendra! I love the texture that the fabric adds. Adorable!

    Thanks for linking up my friend!


  2. vanessa @ silly eagle books says

    This is adorable! And now you have me curious about the book. I'm going to search for it. Hopefully, I can find it somewhere! Thanks for sending the link!

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