Baby Shower Bootie Favors

I went to a baby shower the other Saturday.  I brought home some extras of these cute favors that were given out and my kids said that they HAD to go on the blog.  Can you tell how the booties were made?
They are made from Styrofoam cups cut, folded, and glued together (if anyone has seen an on-line tutorial–I’m sure there must be one–let me know).  The bow and bling are hot glued on, and then the booties are filled with candy and goodies.  I talked to Aubrey who made the booties and she said they were really easy and super-inexpensive!  The most expensive part was the candy to put inside.  Of course, the booties could be embellished with any ribbon (shoelaces for a boy?) or cute stuff that would fit your party theme.  It always makes me happy to see inexpensive creativity!
Special thanks to my nine-year-old for playing Vanna White for me!
UPDATE:  Thanks to Me and the Boys for finding a tutorial for me (knew it was out there somewhere).  For detailed instructions go to the Creative Baby Shower Ideas website here.
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  1. Those are so cute! They look a lot less time consuming than the booty tutorial on my blog. I may have to play around with that next time I have a shower!

  2. Me and The Boys says
  3. Baby Games says

    very cute design.. I love it..

    Best regards
    Mickey Buarao

  4. Jen @ says

    That is a cute idea! So simple but it looks just like a bootie. Cute!


  5. Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts says

    So cute!

  6. baby gifts says

    I love this bootie made from foam cup – too clever!! I saw the tutorial and it was SO easy!! Great party favor! I can't wait to try this out.

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