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Historically, the months leading up to the holiday season have been the very busiest on my blog!  Because I would love to see those ad spaces over on the right hand side of my page filled-up, and because I’d really like to not have to remember to change them out every month (because I can be lazy like that), I’m offering a  buy 3 get 1 FREE advertising special, right now!  Click on the Advertising tab to see the details, and pay through Paypal.  If you have ideas about how we can work together, feel free to email me!  (See the envelope on the sidebar.)

Here’s a sampling of the kinds of things I blog about in the fall:

Halloween: clever costumes, crafts, cookies (and other party ideas)!

Thanksgiving:  Fun and fancy tablescapes, plus a little gratitude for good measure.

Christmas:  Crazy cards, cookies, decorations, gifts, and some ideas about making it more meaningful. 
And if that isn’t enough, I have two birthday parties, a baby shower, and tons of home projects coming up to share with you!  I’d love to have you along for the ride!
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