Something to Celebrate — 11 years!

Today marks 11 years of marriage for BSB and me!  So I had to pull out a few of the pictures and reminisce.
This is a picture of us dancing the tango at our wedding reception…seriously!  We took lessons and surprised all of our guests (not the band, of course), with a choreographed tango.  It was awesome!  I only have a couple of regrets.  One, is that since we told no one, no one was prepared to film the dance or take photos, and this picture is the only documentation I have of the dance.  Two, we have completely forgotten how to do it, so we won’t be able to recreate it anytime in the near future.  (Maybe we should take lessons again before our 50th and surprise everyone then! )  🙂
Our celebration will probably be fairly low-key this year with the baby and all.  I’m planning to attempt to make a nice dinner tonight (a rare occurrence, since pregnancy and baby), and told Barry that it’s his turn to plan our date tomorrow night, since I did such an awesome job of putting together our 10th anniversary date last year!
Well, that’s what I told him.  I thought I did pretty well considering budget limitations.  You can read all about how I sent him on a sentimental treasure hunt here.
For other fun dating adventures (even after marriage), check out the Amazing Race-Valentines Edition, and all of the other Amazing Race dates that popped up around the world!  What are your favorite creative (inexpensive) date ideas?
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  1. staci @ lizard n ladybug says

    happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Anniversary! Good luck with your dinner and enjoy your date tomorrow.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy Happy Anniversary!! I hope you have a great date!

  5. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversay! Hope you have a wonderful evening with the hubster!

  7. Mrs. Dawkter says

    Happy Anniversary!

  8. Bitterroot Mama says

    Congrats on 11 years! You look like you had fun dancing.

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