Spray Paint Project Flashback–Painted Lunch Pail

One more quick paint project from the past!

This was one of my first real spray painting projects, a few years back for my son’s 3rd birthday.  I was so impressed with the power of the paint!
I had a vision to make lunch pails as favors, and serve-ware for the construction-themed party.  Any pails that were big enough to hold a lunch, were quite expensive until I found these (formerly NASCAR) ones on clearance at Target.  I had to do a few coats to completely cover the high contrast busy designs, but I LOVED how they looked afterward!  I would see my son’s friends with their lunch boxes at the park or around town for years to come!  For more on the lunch boxes and the whole construction party, go here.
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  1. Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com says

    those lunch pails are adorable!!! Love them. And the yellow color is perfect!


  2. I love these. I popped over to look at your construction birthday too, and I LOVE that even more! I may have to convince my son that he needs a construction party instead of a car party!

  3. Susan Crabtree says

    love the lunch pail make over!

  4. Late viewer, here! Fantastic party ideas!!! What type of paint did you use for the lunch boxes? Any tips you’d like to share? Did you paint/stencil the names on the lunch boxes or use vinyl letters? Any help for this wannabe crafty mom would be greatly appreciated!! In other words…HELP!

    • I used a couple of coats of spray paint. As I has been 6 years since the party I really don’t remember what brand, but I try and stick with Krylon or Rustoleum. I didn’t have a vinyl cutter back then, so those were scrapbook stickers, but they didn’t stay on really well long-term. I think vinyl would be a great option, or using the reverse vinyl as a stencil. Don’t stress! You can do it!

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