Halloween 2010 — The Family Circus

 I’ve got to get our Halloween round-up posted asap, because tomorrow I have a really fun giveaway starting!  You will definitely want to check back for that!
But for now…
Ladies and Gentlemen…Step right up…as My Insanity presents Halloween at it’s finest!  Behold our…
 We have a glamorous trapeze artist (looking for candy)…
A suave strong man…
The sweetest clown at the circus…
With all of her expressions.
A dramatic and foreign fortune teller (who forgot that she was going to put on boots instead of flip-flops)…
And a ventriloquist/magician/ringmaster/jack-of-all trades/carnival worker with his dummy.
(His dummy doesn’t like make-up and wigs however)
We went to a huge party at our church and had to bring the circus with us for “trunk or treating”! Circus Trunk or Treat Halloween
We had a big top and circus banner…
Treasures for the little trunk-or-treaters…
And free fortunes for all who dared ask Madame Zoolander (for lack of a better name), to gaze into her glowing crystal ball (glass light globe from the home improvement store, with a blinking light inside).
But the big-hit of the evening was the ventriloquist/balloon animal man!
He tied balloons for all sorts of spooks and superheros until late into the night!
(Yes!  BSB is a man of many talents!)
And finally got some back-up from the clown.
A great time was had by all!  And because this post isn’t long enough, I leave you with some behind the scenes glimpses at our Halloween preparations…
 DIY clown shoes and socks
Edible bones (from pretzels, marshmallows, and white chocolate)
Gruesome cupcakes for the Halloween party!
Hope you had a
at your house!
p.s.  BIG thanks to my friends Jackie and Shellie for help with costumes and props!
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  1. Ann Marie @ Twice Lovely says

    You guys looked awesome, as always!! Arlan kept saying "Track or Treat!" 🙂

  2. Susan Crabtree says

    so super cute & fun!!

  3. Donna @ Party Wishes says

    Love it all! So cute!

  4. I love it Kendra! It's funny, I was thinking a circus would be fun! You guys look great! Good job! Love the strong man's muscles, I needed some muscles for one of our costumes, and never could come up with anything easy and fabulous!

  5. WOW! That is the best trunk or treat idea I've ever seen!! Yall look awesome!!

  6. Setting the Mood says

    Hahahahaha! That is sooo great!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ventriloquist and dummy…priceless! You're so fun!

  7. Kendra! What a great costume idea! Brooklyn Limestone actually decorated her home with a similar theme and I am so in love with both right now

  8. Cara @ Twice Lovely Furniture says

    I am DYING laughing at the ventriloquist (spelling, ugh) and puppet idea. I LOVE that wig. Super creative and very fun. and funny.

  9. And you can also get some cool costume ideas for Halloween from the site adulthalloweencostumeideas.info.



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