Happy 2011!

I had to write a quick post on 1-1-11 to say “Happy New Year!”  We were snowed-in at my in-laws for a couple of days, which made for some winter fun for the kids.  (I just love this picture of my handsome guys in the snow!) Of course, I am behind on all of my projects and blogging related emails, etc.  I’m hoping to get back on track when the kids head back to school on Monday.
We had a great time party hopping with 4 kids in tow, on New Years Eve.  Between all of the festivities and the homemade cinnamon rolls today (we didn’t have any potatoes for our New Years Spudnuts), I thought I would win the cool Mom award today, but then I made them clean their rooms and I lost all of my cool mom points.  Oh, well!  How did you ring in the New Year?  Are your homes and lives back in order for the New Year, or are you still in a holiday daze?
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  1. Joanne Kennedy says

    That is a darling photo! Look at the happiness pouring out of the eyes of both of them. I love it!

  2. Haha, love the "cool mom points" 🙂

    And that picture is beautiful…definately a "framer" for sure!!

  3. That is a great picture!!

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