Happy Presidents Day!

Happy Birthday Mr. President…
If you are looking for something to do with your kiddos off of school this President’s Day, maybe you could help them make some presidential puppets! My first grader (with ideas from me and lots of help from BSB) made this puppet as part of a book report for school.
His puppet is made from a paper towel roll, cut in half and wrapped with black construction paper. You can see he got an old golf ball (decorated with Sharpie marker) for a head. We had to put some cardstock on the end of the tube so the ball wouldn’t sit down in too low. The arms are just rolled up paper and hot glue is the adhesive for all of the big stuff. The puppet was a big hit at school, and you should hear my 6-year-old’s Lincoln impressions!
What are your President’s Day plans?
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  1. that's so cute! i had no plans to mark this holiday, but now I do, thanks. That will be fun to make after dinner and (fingers crossed) I think my 9 yo, who is normally anti-crafty, lol, will have fun with this.

  2. Piggy Bank Parties says

    Love 'ole Abe! We celebrated Presidant's Day with a "Free-dom" Download!

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