An Insane amount of Spring Break Ideas from Pink and Green Mama

It’s another Trading Spaces Tuesday!
Did you know that my kids are on Spring Break already? I’m not sure what everyone else’s Spring Break schedule is, but I’m guessing that it will be here before you know it. If you don’t have exotic travel plans, you may be struggling with ideas to keep your kids busy and happy while they are off of school. I sat down to write up a round-up of ideas and realized I needed more advice than I had advice to offer. So I emailed the person I know that always has the best ideas for craft projects with kids (remember the ocean in a bottle), MaryLea from Pink and Green Mama. I asked her to give us a ton of crafty ideas to do with our kids during spring break and boy did she deliver! Thanks MaryLea! No excuses for boredom, now!
Hi, my name is MaryLea and this is my very 
first time writing as a guest blogger.
I was so excited when Kendra emailed me and asked me to
write a guest post for My Insanity – yay!
Some of you may know me as Pink and Green Mama in the blog world.
I’m a stay at home mom of two little girls living in the DC suburbs.
I was an elementary art teacher before staying home with the girls,
now we make daily crafty messes!
As a teacher (in my pre-mommy days), I loved Spring Break
I couldn’t wait to get a break from the kids 
and get a chance to work on my own arts and crafts projects, 
sleep-in, catch up on my sewing,
 and usually repaint a room or two in my ever-evolving house.
( I can hear you giggling because you KNOW that’s NOT how Spring Break goes anymore!)
Now, as a mom, it means I better get creative and take some time to come up with 
some fun new activities for the kiddos 
while we spend a week at home or else the kids will get bored. 
As any mom will tell you, 
bored kids = trouble!
So what’s a crafty mama (or not-so-crafty mama) to do?
Well, in our house I treat it like a birthday party
and pick a theme to work with for a day
or even the whole week!
Today I’m going to share two of our favorites:
a Rainbow Theme filled with 
colorful ideas, activities, and art projects 
and a Backyard Fun Theme filled with some serious messes, 
lots of giggles, and tons of fresh air! 
RAINBOW Fun Theme:
Whip up a batch of our favorite Kool-Aid Play Dough
Makeover your Sneakers with Sharpies!
Tie-Dye some Hankies or T-Shirts with
Whip Up a batch of Rainbow Rice 
and make a sensory box, add it to your (empty) water table
Or… use it to make some
(perfect for road trips!)
Enjoy some spring weather and
paint your driveway or sidewalks
 with some Cornstarch Paint!
Backyard Springtime Fun:
Make Gazing Balls for your yard or garden.
Get out some spray paint and 
Plant a Fairy Garden
 Build some Marshmallow Shooters!
Okay…if that doesn’t give you any ideas,
Channel your inner-messy-artist with a couple of my own
INSANE Spring Break ideas
from my Mom Would NEVER Let Me Do This At Home Camp!
I hope you found some fun ideas to 
keep your kids entertained 
and make some awesome memories together
this Spring Break!
Thanks for letting me come over and play today!


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  1. Melissa @ The Chocolate Muffin Tree says

    This is really a great collection! Looks like so much fun!

  2. The Prim ~n~ Proper Shoppe says

    What a fantastic SLEW of ideas! We're a homeschooling family, and I can always use more "I'm bored" remedies. LOL Thank you! 0

  3. Love the fairy house and garden ideas. The rice and I spy bottle are great too. Wow! So many fun ideas to choose from. We don't have spring break for another week, but I will definitely return here to fill our days with some great fun!

  4. LOVE these!!! Now my brain is whirling! Mostly I'm thinking that I should have read this post *before* Spring break started :).

    I will definitely be using these ideas sometime.

  5. Pink and GREEN MAMA always has the most INSANELY brilliant ideas!!!! You guys have got to watch for her Easter PEEP show… I look forward to it all year long!

  6. Jessica Lauren says

    found this on pinterest! what a great roundup of ideas! new follower!
    ~*Jessica Lauren @


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