Creative Easter Cupcakes (Round 1)

Wow! Has it been an insanity-filled week! And it isn’t over yet! Music classes, birthday party, Easter party, Easter dinner…and the cupcake chaos that overtook my house! I was partially responsible for putting on an Easter party for our entire ward (congregation) at church, and once again, had no budget, so we had to get really creative. One way we did this was to get people to donate undecorated cupcakes and I had the Activity Day Girls (8-11) come to my house and crank out a couple hundred cute and creative Easter cupcakes. This meant that I had to be organized cause 15 pre-teens running around can deteriorate very quickly. I demonstrated exactly how to make each style of cupcake I chose. I thought I would share with you. These were all easy enough for the girls and pretty quick if you have the ingredients on hand (Read: It might not be too late to whip these up if you are looking for cute ideas for Easter dinner).
I thought I designed the above cupcake based on my chow mein noodle Easter nests. But it turns out bhg had the same idea. I mainly did this to help those who don’t love coconut as used in the next two cupcakes.

These coconut nests, might have looked a little better when I posted about them here. I toast the unsweetened coconut to make the nest, roll the frosted cupcake in the coconut and add jelly beans. (Easy Peasy!)

I also had the girls make little chicks, inspired great chick cupcakes posted by Our Best Bites. When we ran out of mini M&Ms we used small choc. chips for the eyes. The nose is a pastel candy corn. (We did some with starbursts, too.)I’m excited to show you the ones we finished up last minute when we were running out of jelly beans and coconut. That will be party two, but I’ll give you a hint. I was inspired by Chef Tess here. (No. I didn’t make Halloween cupcakes for Easter.)

Has your Easter been full of insanity or simple spring celebrations! Can’t wait to show you the rest of the Easter party and my daughter’s birthday party! Hope you and your family are enjoying this special day!

*photos courtesy Keith Lund*

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  1. Lissa (Bellenza) says

    You are not only "insanely creative", you are also very brave and blessed to have pulled off these adorable creations with 15 pre-teen assistants!


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