Getting Together For a Good Cause

Plans are coming together nicely for our second bloggers get together

on June 17th @ Sweet Cakes in Mesa, Arizona.

We will be featuring the fabulous party planners from The Tom Kat Studio & Maddy Cakes Muse, as well as the talented Laura Winslow from Laura Winslow Photography.


One of the reasons we are so excited about these events is because we get to put our efforts toward helping a charity or local family in need. I still get so amazed at what we can do when we unite together. Our event in April helped raise $600 for the McRae family, whose sweet daughter Kate is battling brain cancer. (Side note: Kate’s last scan was fantastic- she and her family are ever hopeful! YAY!)
For June’s event, we have chosen to help contribute to a cause near and dear to our friend, Jamie Hutchings. Jamie is not only the amazing photographer who captured all the memories of April’s event, she is also a wife, mother of 3, and a survivor of Leukemia. Here is a short description of Jamie’s fight and triumph in her own words:
My name is Jamie Hutchings and I am a survivor. I was diagnosed with Acute Mylocetic Leukemia (AML) at the age of 10. AML was the adult form of Leukemia and very rarely found in children. At the time (1988), the survival rate was less than 20% and the doctors told my parents I would probably have 6 weeks to live.
I was diagnosed in Las Vegas, Nevada, but at the time there were no Leukemia specialists in the valley so they transferred me to Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. I spent the next two and a half months locked in an isolated room, called Laminar Air Flow. Laminar was created so that I could not have any physical contact with the outside world. My parents and all the doctors and nurses had to wear medical clothing that covered everything but their eyes. With the heavy chemotherapy protocol I was on, even the common flu could have ended my life. Against all odds, I went into remission after 8 weeks.
My 4 year old brother was tested and found to be a perfect match for a bone marrow transplant, so one was scheduled immediately. I went in to the hospital to be prepped for the surgery and the day before the doctors said that the left ventricle in my heart was enlarged and had they not caught it, I would have died on the table. The transplant was temporarily postponed.
I am happy to say that I have been transplant AND Leukemia free for 22 years. I am grateful every day that my Father in Heaven decided to keep me around. Had I had the transplant, I would have been unable to have my three beautiful children that I am now blessed to have.
I have struggled with watching so many kids and friends lose their battle to this dreadful disease, and I have made it my life’s mission to give back in any way I can. I know what a blessing it is to have healthy children, but I want to find a cure so that someday no one will have to know the devastation of this disease.
I am the Team Captain of a team for the Light the Night walk this year benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I am trying to get our team to be a top fundraiser for this event. Our goal is at least $2500 and I know we will make it!
Thank you so much for all your help! I truly appreciate the generosity of the people of this great country and our smaller communities.
Jamie Lynn Hutchings
We would like to help Jamie in her efforts to raise this money for this charity by donating $25 from every Sweet Charity Sponsor that sponsors June’s event. If you are interested in getting your business some excellent exposure on 3 Creative Blogs (My Insanity, Lil Luna and Somewhat Simple) and you’d like to help raise money for Light The Night Walk, please email Don’t have a company to promote and still want to help? No problem! Please visit Jamie’s fundraising page and donate whatever you can- ’cause as they say, “every little bit helps!”
Your help in spreading the word is greatly appreciated! Thanks everyone!
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