I’m back! (Sort of)

Happy Monday, everyone! I’ve missed you. I escaped the Phoenix heat and haboobs for 3 glorious weeks in beautiful Utah, where I spent a lot of time with family and friends, and was able to attend the amazing evo conference along with some other spectacular creative bloggers (more on this later in the week, hopefully). I even finally threw my son his 1st birthday party (dreadfully belated)! The biggest frustration of the trip was that I had many blog posts I wanted to get up while there, but after a 5-hour-session on my mom’s computer that still didn’t result in a published blog post, I decided that if I didn’t want to be bald (from pulling out my hair), it was time to give up on blogging while away–and seriously consider purchasing a laptop.

So there is much to blog and much to share, but I can’t promise how soon I will get to it, since we start school in 1 WEEK! And there is much to be done in preparation for that! If you are waiting for an email or something from me. I haven’t forgotten you, sorry!



In the meantime, I’m so excited I get to play Mad Libs today over on my new friend, Emily’s blog! I got to know Emily at Evo (after chatting on Twitter), and let me tell you, the girl is a rockstar! At least I was sure she was when she showed up at evo with her sassy haircut and red stilettos. And she totally beat me at our X-Box Kinect Dance Central dance-off (Free Tip: Do not accidentally swipe Medium level on your first attempt at this game. :-))

She does a fun feature on her blog where she invites other bloggers to play Madlibs (I had my 10 year old help me come up with the words), and she fills in their words and posts them on her blog, so come and read “It’s Not You, It’s Me…” by yours truly! So fun, Emily! And thanks for the sweet feature!

In other news, we’re talking about discipline today on MomTime TV on Toginet @ 12:00 AZ (pacific) time. Such a hot-button topic! We’ll be discussing our parenting philosophies and how we handle it when others don’t share them. I know you have a lot to say on the subject–you can call in, or leave me a comment, here, and I might share it on the show!

Has your summer been as crazy as mine? And can you believe it’s already almost over?

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