Hair-Razing adventures–Part II

If this feels a little like deja vu, it is because I have written a post like this before. Lest you think I just resurrected a post from the archives, let me assure you that this is a new post with new material, because my daughter decided to play hairdresser for the second time.
This one went down while I was teaching music classes. She was supposed to be doing her cutting work from pre-school and big sister was supposed to be supervising. We thought she had learned her lesson and has repeatedly stated how much she wanted Rapunzel hair, so didn’t imagine, she would take advantage of the opportunity to chop of her bangs. (See her cute bangs in her Preschool pictures here.) Since Kathryn did such an amazing job of salvaging her hair last time, I didn’t touch a think until we could go see her.
Of course I had to start a board on Pinterest first to get an idea of where we were headed.
And this is the after.
All I can say is she’s lucky she’s got such a cute face. From what my friends tell me, this may not be the last pixie cut for this child.


I need to get some mousse, like Kathryn used, for styling purposes (make the bangs look intentionally spiky), but I think the Vintage Rose Wrap helps to say “Yes I am a girl!” when other hair accessories won’t work. What do you think? Total disaster or 3 year old trend-setter?
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  1. Oh my!! I am waiting for the day my 3 year old does this…ugh!! She is adorable though! And I would love it if you would link up this post for my photo swap going on right now!!

  2. The Ballard's says

    Trend-setter! It is darling.

  3. Setting the Mood says

    Sooo funny!! She's adorable!!

  4. Susan and Mark says

    adorable! she should wear it like that all the time 🙂

  5. She seriously looks really good!

  6. We just went through this with my 5yo granddaughter! I think every child tries at at least once (or in your case, twice)!

    She is precious and the cut is amazing.

  7. She looks absolutely beautiful! Definitely still girlie and trend setting!

  8. At first I would have thought DISASTER, but you took of the situation rather calmly. She is really cute and definetly a trendsetter. 🙂

  9. Heather {WhipperBerry} says

    ok, I think they are super cute!! You're saved.

  10. That pixie cut is just adorable! I so wish that T’s hair could handle it (at 2 yrs old she still hasn’t had a haircut, even though we’ve taken her to a hairdresser!)

  11. your girl is beautiful and that pixie haircut deserves her 🙂

  12. total trend setter. My 3 year old is on her way to have this done soon

  13. HER HAIR IS SO DARLING!!!!!! Ah….she is so lucky she has a darling face, but seriously the cut is so cute on her, I LA LA LOVE IT!!!

    • Thanks, Kirsten! She wants long hair like Rapunzel, but I have a feeling she may be my pixie for a long time!

  14. Your daughter looks so cute in her pixie cut. What a good save. All I can say is that I wish my daughter left that much of her bangs when she decided to cut her own hair.

    • Oh no! What did you do?

      • There’s not much we can do but let it grow out. She has a short bob, no bangs and adding bangs or a pixie cut at this point would make her spot of super short hair really stand out. So she’ll have to start school like that and when the bangs finally are long enough, we’ll get her hair cut so she’ll have short bangs. I hope it turns out as cute as your daughters, but until they we just wait. It’s been about a month already. Apparently her hair does not grow fast.

        • That’s so frustrating! If only they knew the agony they cause their mamas when they decide to play hairdresser. The only good news is they grow out of that phase and start caring what their hair looks like eventually.


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