Happy Thanksgiving!

cornucopia centerpiece


This cornucopia was our centerpiece at my Fruits of the Harvest Thanksgiving many years ago.

I hope you have a wonderful day planned with family and/or friends. Did you participate in the Gratitude Challenge with me? I thought today might be a good day to recap the results of the challenge thus far, and help me remember so many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. I will admit, the challenge was challenging for me on a couple of days. But I do feel that maybe on those days I needed the challenge the most.

Here are my daily gratefuls, so far. Some are silly and trivial, some are deeply important, but all of them reflect my honest emotions from each day:

Day 1: I am grateful for my home. It’s often messy but I’m glad to have such a nice place to make my messes.

Day 2: I’m so grateful that my children get and love music! It’s so exciting to sing harmony with my kids, and nothing brings me more joy than watching my baby dance to Dynamite.

Day 3: I’m so grateful my husband was here for both the Rapunzel party and Halloween. He’s had to work out of town a lot lately, and I’m not sure I would have survived those with out him.

Day 4: Feeling really grateful to be able to blog and for the opportunities it brings. Sometimes I have angst about the whole thing, but there are hundreds of blessings in my life because of it.

Day 5: I’m grateful for lazy weekend mornings with my family when we get to have them.

Day 6: I’m grateful for my handsome husband who changed 3 poopy diapers today!

Day 7: This one is surprising to me, but today I am grateful for work. The best part of the day was when we all dug in and tackled one of the messiest parts of our house. It is so much better now, and feel like we’ve accomplished something!

Day 8: I’m grateful for a little extra motivation to finish a few projects that have been left undone for a shamefully long time.

Day 9: I’m grateful for the beautiful things in this world. Beauty soothes my soul.

Day 10 – I’m grateful for other women. As wonderful as my husband is, sometime you need gal pals to talk to who get you! Had a fun time hanging out with some great ladies tonight!

11-11-11: I am grateful to live in a country with so much freedom and especially today for the men and women who are willing to fight to keep it that way.

Day 12: I’m grateful for my sweet little guy. He’s pretty patient with his mama when she’s running around doing “crazy” things! And plays a mean game of “peek-a-boo”!

Day 13: I’m grateful for Christmas music, which is good because I’m going to be doing a lot of it over the next month and a half, but it warms my soul.

Day 14: Grateful my MIL is doing alright after being stung by a scorpion 3X @ church yesterday. (Who knew church was so dangerous?) Really grateful for each day my family is in relatively good health!

Day 15:  I’m grateful for the 4 amazing individuals I was privileged to birth. Every baby is a miracle, I believe. I’m grateful for the role I’ve been allowed to play in getting mine here.

Day 16: Is it a cheat to say bedtime? It’s so true, though. As much as I love children, I sure love the quiet when they’ve all gone to bed and I can hear myself think again.

Day 17: I’m grateful for the Relief Society (womens’ organization in my church). Tonight’s message, friendship, and food was just what I needed!

Day 18: I’m grateful for reinforcements. It’s so nice when I don’t have to do it all–because I can’t do it all.

Day 19: I’m grateful my husband is here going scorpion hunting tonight. I spotted a small one trying to sneak into our home. My MIL is staying with us and the last thing we need is a repeat of her adventures a week ago

Day 20: I’m grateful for the internet. So much information available at your finger tips. How did we ever find things out before?

Day 21: I’m grateful for my sisters. They really are my best friends!

Day 22: I’m grateful for time. There never seems to be enough of it, but when I think of the 6 sweet hours that Kami had with her sweet girl, it makes me cherish every moment I have with my loved ones.

Day 23: I’m grateful for holidays and for the break in routine they bring that can give us a minute to catch our breath and look at life from a different perspective.


The month isn’t over. I plan to keep being grateful through the end of the month, and hopefully far beyond, by making gratitude a habit. What are you thankful for today? Wishing you and yours the happiest (and yummiest) Thanksgiving.

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  1. I love the new layout of your blog. It is so pretty! the colors are amazing, and the little colorful stars are so so pretty.

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