A Very SNAP!py Christmas to you!

It will be a very SNAP!py Christmas for one of my lucky readers!!!

I am SO EXCITED to have the opportunity to giveaway one full Conference Pass to the event of the year for creative bloggers!

I blogged a lot of the details about SNAP! Conference on this post, and you’ll want to head to the SNAP! Website today, because a little birdie told me that some of the amazing speakers are about to be announced!!! Yea!

Some friends have recently asked me for advice about growing their blog or their on-line presence. The first tip I would give is to encourage them to attend SNAP! Conference, if they possibly can! Not just because of the information that will be available about blogging and social media, but really because by participating in something like this, you become part of a great community–on-line and in real life! A community that can function as your support system, therapist, consultant, promoter, cheerleader and so much more! I truly think the Creative/crafty/DIY community of bloggers is the nicest corner anywhere on the internet! I am amazed at the talented people I’ve met who are also really good and interesting people!

I attended two blogging conferences and a few social events for bloggers last year. This is what I wrote after attending my first conference and learning  I was going to get the chance to be part of the SNAP! team:

Getting to meet up with other bloggers and creative women…a few weeks ago was somewhat life-altering for me! Others have expressed similar sentiments about how wonderful it is to get to be around people that share your creative compulsions. You know. People who don’t raise their eyebrows and stare when you use the words spray paint and plastic tablecloth in the same sentence. People that understand the daily struggle of trying to balance motherhood, creativity, blogging, and that other stuff that just has to get done sometimes. It’s a very validating experience!

I got to hang with these great bloggers at a blogging conference last summer! (Stacy, Amy, and Tauni)

I’ve seen all of the hard work that is going on behind the scenes to make SNAP! more than a typical blogging conference. It will be hands-on, relevant, exciting, pretty, and a whole lotta fun!

I would so love to see you there and see what insanity we share!  A SNAP! Conference pass may be just the thing to ask Santa for for Christmas–it won’t clutter your house, add to your waistline, or shrink in the wash! And more importantly, it may be a life-altering experience.

BUT you might not have to wait for Santa, because I am giving away ONE TICKET TO SNAP! CONFERENCE right here, right now!!!

All I want to know is why you’d love to come to SNAP! Conference–other than to hang out with me, of course! Leave me a comment with your answer and you are entered to win!!!


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Sadly, I can only pick one winner, but there are a total of 12 tickets being handed out in this amazing 12 days of Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza! You can enter contests on the following sites:

Dec. 8     Tauni, SNAP! (closed)
Dec. 9     Mique, Thirty Handmade Days (closed)
Dec. 13   Amy, The Idea Room
Dec. 22   Steph, The Daily Blarg, will give one ticket away during the #SNAPChat Twitter Party
Giveaway is open to US residents age 18 and over only and closes Thursday, December 22th, at 10am MST. Winner will be announced during #snapchat.  Winner will also be notified by email.  Winner has 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
Alright, What are you waiting for? SNAP! to it!!! 😉
p.s. A great way to get started on that community building stuff is to join us for our weekly #snapchat! There is one today @ 10:30MST! RSVP here to be eligible for prizes!
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  1. I am dying to go to SNAP this year because I want to meet so many bloggers! I’m crazy about blogging and would love to meet some of you insane, but lovely of course, women IRL. 🙂

  2. I cannot believe I was the first commenter. Crazyness… I am also a follower of the SNAP blog! 🙂 You can find me at the SNAP chat most of the time too! 🙂

  3. Hi Kendra! I actually already bought my ticket and am so excited to go! But I would still love to win this so I can bring a good friend! (If that’s OK!) Can’t wait!

  4. I subscribe to you on GFC and it is working just fine! I like it way better than RSS. I guess technically I subscribe to SNAP but since they aren’t on GFC it takes a few days for me to check their updates. Spread the word to Tauni. I may not be the only one!

  5. I would love to be in a room full of like-minded women. Not to mention meet several of the friends I’ve made online in person!

  6. I subscribe to the SNAP blog!

  7. I learned a ton from the conference I attended earlier this year! I’d love to go to more of them next year.

  8. I subscribed to the SNAP blog.

  9. I’m subscribed to your blog.

  10. You keep telling me that I need to go to snap, so a free ticket might just put me over the edge in attending. 😉 Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I’m also a subscriber on the Snap blog.

  12. Oh, I would love to go to SNAP and hang out with all my great blogging buddies again. And of course attend great classes and learn tons of things to help my blog.

  13. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  14. Oh I want to come so badly to learn! And to learn without having to try to learn while juggling 2 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband and 1 household. I just want to come and just learn from the best in peace! 🙂

  15. I follow SNAP blog!

  16. I also follow My Insanity!

  17. It’s only been in the last few months that I have discovered this whole BLOGOSPHERE, and I’m totally hooked. This has always been right up my alley–this DIY lifestyle–and to find a group of people that share the same interests, well, I couldn’t be more happy 🙂 So, to get to attend the SNAP conference would be an amazing experience!

  18. I am following the SNAP blog via FB!

  19. I am following My Insanity via FB!

  20. The main reason I want to go to SNAP is to meet the AMAZING friends I’ve made online over the last year and to have the chance to make new friends! That’s really why I love blogging is the people! I also would LOVE the chance to soak up all the knowledge to be gained there!

  21. I am relatively new to the crafty bloggy community, and I know I have a lot to learn – would love to attend a conference in the Rocky Mountain West, since I live in Colorado!

  22. And I just added the SNAP blog to my reader. And yours too! 🙂 So nice to meet you all.

  23. I’m a Snap blog subscriber.

  24. I want to go to Snap because of the guest speakers. (Ok, and all the attendees too :D)

  25. New subscriber to your blog!!!

  26. This is such an amazing giveaway! I would love to attend SNAP because there are so many bloggers that I’ve met virtually and want to see in real life. I’ve met some awesome gals this year (newbie blogger)!

  27. I’m a new subscriber to your blog!!

  28. I would love to go to SNAP! because I am new to the blogging world and would love some great foundation and pointers on blogging in general!

  29. I am a follower of the SNAP! blog

  30. I am a subscriber of the My Insanity blog.

  31. I would love to be around women who love to create! I also know I would learn so much from all these talented and creative women about how to be a better blogger! It would be such a wonderful experience! I hope I win! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  32. I subscribed to the SNAP blog!

  33. I subscribed to My Insanity!

  34. I would love to go to SNAP to do a lot of learning since I’m just starting to blog although I’m constantly crafting and raising my baby girl.

    Happy holidays!!

  35. i can’t think of a reason why i wouldn’t want to go to SNAP! i am so excited about getting the chance to meet incredible bloggers and learn tips from the best.

  36. i am following the snap blog

  37. I would LOVE to win!!! I have never been to a blogging conf before!! I love to blog and craft!! This is a big WIN WIN!!! What a great Christmas present!! Thanks!!

  38. I subscribe by RSS to SNAP!

  39. I follow you through RSS!!

  40. I’d love to go to learn more about blogging, I could use alot of help. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I’m a subscriber to the Snap blog!

  42. I’m a subscriber to your blog as well!

  43. I want to come to Snap because I love to meet people who enjoy being creative just like me : )

  44. I subscribe to the Snap blog via RSS feed

  45. I subscribe to your blog via RSS feed

  46. I’m dying to go to SNAP! to hear the amazing speakers and meet the other fabulous bloggers attending!

  47. I follow the SNAP! blog via RSS.

  48. I follow your blog via RSS.

  49. I’d love to go to SNAP because:

    * my blog is kinda pathetic & I could use some education/inspiration to get it moving
    * I need a child-free vacation 😉
    * the group of gals throwing it seems like an awful lot of crafty fun

    Thanks for the chance!

  50. I follow SNAP via RSS

  51. I follow you via RSS.

  52. I’d love the opportunity to learn how to grow my blog more, and I’m all about having fun and meeting new people!

  53. I would love the opportunity to meet other bloggers and handmade biz owners in real life! I am double crossing my fingers for this!! xoxo

  54. I follow the SNAP! blog!

  55. I follow your blog! 🙂

  56. I would LOVE to go to learn with friends and meet new ones! Love the speaker line-up!

  57. I have been following the SNAP blog!

  58. I follow your blog & Facebook!

  59. Well after attending my first #SnapChat today, I learned that if I get to go to SNAP! I just might get to see Char in a Ruffle Butt Onsie. Who wouldn’t want to see that?? ;0)

  60. I Subscribe to SNAP!

  61. And to My Insanity of Course!!!!

  62. I subscribe to my Insanity already!

  63. I subscribe to the Snap blog!

  64. I would love to win a ticket to Snap! It looks like it’s going to be so much fun!

  65. Oh this would be SO fun – I’d love to meet fellow bloggers and learn more about how to really make an impact with my blog!!

  66. I want to take my blog to a new and better place. And I want to meet others who are already doing that. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  67. oh oh oh i reeeeally want to win this. I went to blog sugar and i feel like snap would just be taking another step toward growing my blog!!

  68. i subscribed to the snap blog!

  69. I would love to go to SNAP just for the experience! I would love to see something that is bigger than me ya know?

  70. I subscribe on Snap’s RSS feed

  71. I just signed up for your feed too!

  72. {Happily subscribed to your feed.}

    It would be fantastic to go to SNAP!! With 5 boys I would not have an opportunity to go unless I did win, and I can only imagine how amazing it is to have all of those women together. How inspirational!!! It would be so fantastic!!

  73. I would love to attend snap because I feel like its the kind of conference that affirms that I was put on this earth to use my gifts. I feel like blogging allows me to live in a world where I don’t have to justify my love for making crafts, owning a business, and being true to myself. I am loved and accepted by strangers who become friends. I would love the opportunity to meet some of them online friends in real life and learn and grow from the experience!!

  74. I subscribe to snaps rss feed!

  75. I would LOVE LOVE LOOOVE to come to the Snap conference!! I would love to hang out with YOU and all the other wonderfully talented inspiring women who will be there! 🙂

  76. I am subscribed to snap! 🙂

  77. I am subscribed to your blog! 🙂

  78. I would absolutely love to go to a conference!!! What a great experience and so much fun!!!!

  79. I really want to go to meet all the fabulous bloggers that will be speaking. Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. I want to go! I would love a chance to jump-start my creativity and improve my blogging.

  81. I need to feed my addiction to craft blogs and bloggers! Please send me to SNAP!

  82. I subscribe and follow the SNAP blog!

  83. I would so love to come! We’re moving to salt lake in 2 weeks!

  84. I’ve subscribed to the snap blog.

  85. It would make my Christmas if I won this giveaway! I want to go to SNAP so bad, but can’t afford the ticket, flights and hotel costs. Please, please, please pick me!!

    I’ve been a subscriber to SNAP since day 1.

  86. I subscribe to your blog as well!

  87. I really want to go so that I can meet some of my favorite bloggers!

  88. I follow SNAP blog!

  89. I would love to attend the Snap! Conference to meet fellow bloggers!!

  90. I follow your blog with Google Reader!

  91. I follow the Snap! blog

  92. I’d love to go to Snap to meet so many of the fab and creative women I’ve met online. I’d also love to learn as much as I can from them, plus I know it’ll be the best weekend!!

  93. I subscribe to the Snap blog

  94. i can’t think of a reason i don’t want to go… i mean all m favorite bloggers under one roof?! that sounds like the best christmas present ever!

  95. i’m following the snap blog

  96. Morgan Williams says

    This momma needs a get away!! And being around a whole bunch of crafty friends sounds perfect to me 🙂

  97. I am dying to go to SNAP!!! My sister and I want to come for a fabulous girls weekend, and of course to hang with all the coolest bloggers 🙂

  98. I subscribe to the SNAP blog through RSS 🙂

  99. I was supposed to go to the conference in April where all of you wonderful ladies were going to be, but my Grandpa passed away, so I missed it 🙁 I’d love another chance to meet you all!

  100. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  101. I follow your cute blog!

  102. my blog and etsy could use a kick in the rear. I have been kindof discouraged but keep hanging in there. Maggie Whitley suggested I try to make it to SNAP!

  103. My blog is in such a weird transitional phase from blah to AWESOME and I need the inspiration from other successful bloggers to help take it there. Golly gee I want to win sooo bad!

  104. I subscribe to the SNAP blog

  105. I susbcribe to you via RSS

  106. I would love to attend SNAP so that I could be inspired creatively and learn new tricks for crafting and DIY. We are in the process of purchasing our first home and so I have tons of home DIY that I am going to need inspiration for! I would also love to meet other women who enjoy many of the same things I do!

  107. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  108. I subscribe to your blog as well.

  109. I want to meet other craft bloggers, I attended a blog conference in 2009 and was one of three craft bloggers. While I enjoyed all the bloggers I met, it’s nice to find your tribe!

  110. I just subscribed to your feed! This has been a good way to find more reads 🙂

  111. I’m a SNAP subscriber, too

  112. I would love to go and be surrounded by women with common interests… so much creative energy in one place.

  113. I subscribe to the Snap Blog

  114. I subscribe to My Insanity

  115. I would LOVE to go to SNAP! I have a blog with my 5 sisters and we all are dying to go. We are just having trouble convincing our husbands to buy us tickets. My husband couldn’t say no if I got to go for free, right?! 🙂

  116. I subscribe to the SNAP! blog!

  117. I subscribe to My Insanity!

  118. I actually just blogged about this Conference, it’s one of only 3 things on my wish-list!… I have never attended a creative conference, but I have ALWAYS wanted to. This one just happens to be only 20 minutes from my house, and I am doing everything I can to convince my hubs it’s worth the $$. I don’t have any real-close girlfriends and I would sure love some, especially some that share my interests! Not only would I be in HEAVEN being inspired by creative geniuses, but knowing I would make lifelong friends would be good enough for me!

  119. I Subscribe to the SNAP blog, I also follow on Twitter!

  120. I subscribe to your blog too, you darling darling girl!

  121. Hi Kendra! I think I’m one of the only ones who ISN”T coming to SNAP at the moment and it makes me sad. I know it will be an amazing time for networking, community, learning, friendship, and fun. I’m praying a ticket comes through for me! Thanks for the chance.

  122. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.

  123. I want to go to SNAP, so I can collect lots more signatures in my blogging superstar collection. 😉 Oh, and I want to learn more about making my blog awesome.


  124. I subscribe to the SNAP blog.


  125. And I follow your insanity.


  126. I follow their blog

  127. I follow you!

  128. I would love to come

  129. I would love to win this because I want to go to a snap conference soooo bad! I want to meet all the other wonderful bloggers & crafty ladies! I think it would be so much fun!

  130. I am subscribed to the SNAP blog via rss feed!

  131. I am now following your blog! =D

  132. Giana Devincenzi says

    I would love to win and take some crafty classes from some awesome gals…whom I am always stalking.

  133. I subscribe to the SNAP blog!