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I’m excited my sister, Trina, decided to share another fun Christmas project with you! This one involves a little bit of sewing, *gasp*, but it’s simple enough, I could probably do it! Here’s what she said:

I made several of these felt and flannel Ho Ho Ho banners last year to give away, made with materials I already had on hand–things for never-finished, long-forgotten projects. It started with the cute felt snowflakes that I found one year on sale at Michael’s (I think they were actually in a kit to make a snowflake garland for a mini tree). I cut white felt squares based on the snowflake size then cut slightly smaller squares out of some fun Christmas flannel. I used a decorative stitch on my sewing machine to simply tack the top square to the bottom square, then I used the  technique Kendra and I used on our Family Reunion T-shirts to make the letters. The ribbon was actually kind of a felt fabric as well, and I just sewed along the bottom stitching on the ribbon (so the seam wouldn’t be all that visible) to attach the squares then hand tacked the snowflakes.

Wouldn’t that be a great gift, or decoration for your own home. The reverse applique technique she used is quite simple to do. Even I was successful at it. (And I have big-time sewing insecurities!)

What do you do for Christmas gifts for friends/neighbors, etc.? Anything handmade?


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  1. SO cute! And you should know by now…I really don’t do handmade for friends/neighbors but this year I did make those cute tile coasters with cute holiday paper modge podged on them!

    • Emily,

      I think we are bringing you over to the craft side! Ha Ha Ha! Next time I see you you’ll have glue gun burns and spray paint on your fingers!

  2. Kendra and Trina,
    Very cute!
    You gave me a good idea for my banister.
    Loved it.

  3. This is very cute and crafty. Love the holiday spirit 🙂 -Dani

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