Ruffling Crepe Paper the easy way

Last week, I showed you the sweet surprise anniversary party I helped to throw.


The highlight of the decorations was the crepe paper streamers that I ruffled in various combos and laid across the white linens. I’m pretty in love with ruffled streamers. This isn’t the first time I’ve used them. They made up most of the photo booth backdrop at our bloggers’ night out in June.

If you plan to ruffle crepe paper, you’ll want to start by reading the instructions from m.a.d.e. She has a great tutorial with beautiful pictures. How much tension I needed seemed to vary with little changes like which spool of thread I was using and how many strands of crepe paper I was using. I’m sure they vary by machine, so make sure and have some extra crepe paper for practice, until you get the result you desire.

Here is another tip. You want to guard against getting the rolls of crepe paper tangled. BSB rigged this box for me to solve the tangled paper situation.

We just slid the rolls onto a skinny dowel which we inserted into the sides of a cardboard box to create a spool. It was fast and inexpensive, but really helped in the ruffling process.

It was so much fun to see how each of the color combinations came together! Each one gives off a different feel for different occasions.

And now in the spirit of full-disclosure, I must show you how at least half of the streamers came together:


We took turns sewing, but I have to credit BSB with setting up and troubleshooting my sewing machine. It likes him a lot better than it likes me. I’m glad he’s not too manly to sew frilly crepe paper streamers. 🙂

You want your machine somewhere where you can spread out a little (even if it is your super messy kitchen) and then you kind of just drive. It was a little time consuming to ruffle this much crepe paper, but it wasn’t difficult and was actually kind of fun! So have I inspired you to bust out the sewing machine and make some party decorations?

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  1. What a fabulous party decoration! These ruffled streamers alone could turn any event venue so festive! (kudos to both you & the hubby)

  2. I’ve been sewing these ruffles for a few weeks now. Unfortunately I am borrowing my Mom’s fancy smancy machine that does not allow me to reset the tension, so I have to push the crepe paper through the machine. They are not as nice, but I guess it works. I too love to see the finished project and how the different color combinations bring a different feel to the ruffles. 🙂

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