Party Party Budget Busters

Just one more post about our Party Party this year, but I encourage you to make sure you’ve visited all of the amazing parties and pinned your favorites on Pinterest as a reference for years to come!

I mentioned that I would be looking for parties that did big things with little budgets for a special Budget Buster shout out. I realize that is probably a misnomer–the budget busting meaning that you had gone over-budget, normally–but since it alliterates, I’m going with it!

While I believe that creativity can happen on any budget, I’m always especially excited when people are able to make things feel special on a limited budget, because–let’s face it–aren’t most of us on one most of the time. Our honorees threw some pretty fabulous parties on budgets as low as $50! Amazing, right! You’ll want to see how they did it!

There are a couple of parties I want to mention:

Ashley, from Cute as a Fox, put together a Carnival birthday that felt like a trip to the Carnival, without the high admission fee. She outlines how she was able to cut costs and the many projects she DIYed to save money.

Alayna submitted a couple of parties–including this great pirate one–that came in at under $50 each!! Amazing!

And there is nothing cheap looking about the Vintage Dick and Jane party by Mariah @ Giggles Galore, that was the runner up in the big Party Party competition. But Mariah wrote a post for Inspired By Family Magazine explaining all of the ways she kept the costs down for this party. I think you will be surprised at how little she actually spent!

I have one other exciting announcement related to throwing parties on the cheap….

I will be speaking on a panel at SNAP! Conference with some other great party girls (like, my friend, Michelle of Maddycakes Muse) on Tips and Tricks for Planning a party on a budget!

As you might imagine, I have a lot to say on the subject, but I would LOVE to hear from you! What are the pitfalls you run into when trying to keep party costs down? What kind of advice are you looking for? Have you learned any amazing budget-saving tips you’d like to share?

While someday, I’d love to see what kind of party I can throw on an unlimited budget, in the meantime, I’m excited to see so many great examples (like the ones above) of people celebrating and making fabulous memories without breaking the bank!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Oh, how I wish I was going to be at Snap to hear you and Maddycakes Muse share your party inspiration!

    • I wish you were coming, too, Mariah!! Of course, I’d probably have to let you teach this panel if you were. 🙂 Love all your money saving tips!

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