Last Minute Easter Party Ideas

I hope you are enjoying this holiday weekend. I thought I would share a few last minute ideas if you are scrambling to put together an Easter celebration for tomorrow or Sunday.

Last year, I had the task of throwing our church Easter party with basically no budget. I’ve already blogged about the cupcakes I decorated with my army of pre-adolescent helpers.

You can find more information on them here: Coconut chick Cupcakes, Marshmallow Flower Cupcakes, Marshmallow Bunny Ear cupcakes, Chow Mein Easter Nest Cupcakes.

I also showed you the cute 3D egg garland we made for decorations. Unfortunately , I can’t find any pictures of the cupcakes all set up at the party, but the banner added some color and fun to the space.

We wanted an easy/inexpensive craft for the kids and to make sure everyone had a basket for gathering eggs, so we bought a couple of packages of lunch sacks and let the kids turn them into baskets, like these ones from Our Big Earth or these from Martha Stewart. Ours looked more like the ones from Our Big Earth, but Martha’s are cute if you have those supplies on hand.

Having a nice location that feels a little pastoral or natural can go a long way! We were fortunate to have the use of a great big backyard in a rural setting for our hunt.

To add to the atmosphere, some friends had bunnies and brought them to the party for the kids to pet and hold. My kids LOVED this. The year before, the neighbors of the home where we had the hunt, had a baby lamb, that they brought over for the kids to see. This was so neat! I realize not everyone is fortunate enough to have those connections, but you might know some one with baby chicks or have a local farm that has a traveling petting zoo.

Someone was enjoying her Easter candy.

The following day, I repurposed the egg garland and left-over spa birthday decorations and combined them with a simple centerpiece of real Easter Eggs, and these cool plates from Target for an “Egg-stra Special” family Easter dinner. It turned out pretty cute, considering that I hosted the cupcake decorating party, my daughter’s Spa Birthday, put on the church party, and hosted Easter dinner on consecutive days (why do I do that to myself?), so I hadn’t been able to put a lot of thought into styling the dinner.

I’m not going too crazy for Easter this year since I am working on a couple of birthday parties and getting ready for SNAP!, but I do have a few fun things planned. Speaking of which, it’s time to go dye some eggs!

What are your Easter plans this year? Have a wonderful weekend!

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