Father’s Day Gift Idea Round-Up

Don’t panic, but Father’s Day is on SUNDAY!

Have you come up with that perfect gift for your Dad or your man? Never fear! The Dating Divas have teamed up with all of the craziest creative bloggers (that is a compliment, remember?), to bring you a dozen or so fabulous DIY gift options that will make the men in your life feel special!

There is so much to choose from, and if you like an idea click on the title to see all of the details about that project.

#1) Spouse Subway Art {The Dating Divas} – Custom-make a subway art piece based ON your husband! This free site we found will help you do just that!

#2) Luggage Handle Cover {Little Birdie Secrets} – A great “manly” gift for the guy who travels! This luggage handle cover is a quick and easy project, but one that will surely be appreciated by the dad in your life. Not only does it make his luggage handle more comfortable when lugging it through the airport, but it makes his bag easier to spot on the luggage carousel!

#3) Best Daddy Ever Beans {The Letter 4} – This is so fun for the daddy who loves jelly beans! The printable provided renames the jelly bean jar “Best Daddy Ever Beans” and the flavors of each bean are replaced with a trait of daddy. ex. smart, caring, kind, etc.

#4) “You’re a Catch” Pail {Lil’ Luna} – Super cute and easy gift to give to your spouse to thank him for being such a great catch and awesome daddy!

#5) All About You” Basket {The Dating Divas} – Who DOESN’T love to get compliments? Write down things you love about the man in your life & pair them with fun little presents to create the ULTIMATE “all about you” basket!

#6)Father’s Day Canvas Collage {Somewhat Simple} – A sweet and simple gift to Dad from the kiddos.

#7) Manly Apron for Dad {The Crafting Chicks} – Here’s an idea for a more manly apron for the grillmaster in the family, using Silhouette’s heat transfer kit.

#8) “My Pop Rocks!” {My Insanity} – This gift basket is so fun and easy to put together with free printables! Does your “pop” rock? Tell him with this pop-themed basket, featuring pop rocks, popcorn, soda pop and more!

#9)Map O’Love {How Does She?} – Create a memory of your lives together using maps of where you have lived and the special moments that happened there…all in one special Map O’Love book. A beautiful, meaningful, personal gift.

#10)Hot Stuff Grilling Father {My Insanity} – “Hot Stuff”-themed Father’s Day for the the grill master (or hot man) in your life. DIY grilling apron and check out the grilling-themed cake that lights on fire!

#11)The Tickle Monster {How Does She?} – There is not much that is more beautiful than a child’s laugh. This tickle set is the perfect gift your love and his children.

#12)Father’s Day Message Plaque {The Crafting Chicks} – A fun and simple gift where the kiddos can write love messages to their daddy. The best part is that it’s dry erase vinyl, so the message can be changed every day!

#13) Birthday Week Gifts 4 Him {The Dating Divas} – Originally a birthday post, these GREAT ideas for “manly” gifts would double perfectly for Father’s Day!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more amazing Father’s Day ideas!

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  1. Listen, as a Dad now for 20+ years now, two wonderful kids. Just keep it simple. A meaningful card with a hand written note in there too really means the most. P.S. don’t forget to date the card so you when you re-visit it (if you save cards) you’ll know when it’s from

  2. Check it out: Periodic Tee of Daddy Components

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