Announcing My Insanity Fashion Week

Did you know it is Fashion week? I’m not talking about in New York or Milan, but right here on My Insanity!  This is our first ever Fall Fashion Week!

Why fashion week?

No, I am not really a fashionista (most everything in my closet was purchased for less than $10 or was free!). I’m not usually a fashion blogger, but  I do love to feel put together, and I bet a lot of you creative-types love to experiment with color, pattern, and design, like I do. I’ve just sometimes been intimidated about how to put it together on me! I feel like I’ve learned a lot and grown more confident in my fashion choices over the last couple of years (with a little help), and I’d love to share some of what I’ve learned with you!

It’s a challenge to be a busy mom, have children who don’t look like orphans, and still find time to do what it takes to feel “put together.” If you knock on my door on a random day, with out warning, you will likely find me NOT “put together. But I am gaining the skills to get it together more easily and with less time or worry.

I’m not sure looking fashionable has always seemed like a high priority when there are so many other things to worry about. But don’t you love the way you feel, when you know you are wearing a cute outfit and you aren’t self-conscious about all the things you didn’t take time to take care of?

Stick with me this week, and I will give you some basic ideas that I hope will inspire you to become a little more fearlessly fashionable, and most of all…hopefully help you to feel pretty a little more often! I love what Reachel has to say about women and feeling pretty on her about page! You’ll be hearing more about Reachel soon! But in the meantime, I’d love to hear from you! What stumbling blocks do you face when it comes to feeling pretty or dressing fashionably? Are you a never leave the house unless you look perfect kind-of-gal? Or one who can’t remember where she put that lip gloss? What kind of fashion help do you most need? Any fashion questions I might be able to answer (or ask my expert friends to answer)?

I hope you enjoy this trip down our own fashion runway!

p.s. For your frugal fashionistas, both my green top and the jeans I’m wearing in the above photo–behind the scenes of the family photo shoot–were purchased at Rue 21 on clearance for $5 each!

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