A Ferbtastic Halloween 2012

We had our big Halloween party this weekend so I can now reveal our family costumes for 2012!!!

Hey, Ferb!  I know what we’re going to be for Halloween this year!

We went as the cast of Phineas and Ferb! I don’t know that from a design standpoint this would have been my first choice of costumes, but since watching Phineas and Ferb is our favorite family activity lately, and because BSB does a mean Dr. Doofenshmirtz voice, we just had to be Ferbtastic this year!

I got the best pictures of the kids in their costumes before the party (and before BSB and I were ready). Our costumes make the most sense all together, but I will break them down individually so I can tell you how we put them together.

I’m pretty sure our Ferb was the most obvious and most authentic of the costumes. He is holding Perry the Platypus here, which is a dead giveaway (but Perry is also obscuring his costume a bit). My mom sewed this one up for us, since I didn’t know how we would find high waisted purple capri pants for boys. She sewed it all into one piece with a zipper in back, so we wouldn’t have to worry about keeping the pants up. Then all he needed was some crazy green hair to complete the Ferb look!

I felt like our Candace was a pretty close match, too, but maybe that is just because we were type-casting. Her red hair, skinny limbs, and propensity to want to control her siblings made my daughter an obvious choice for Candace. We pulled her costume together with clothes we had around the house. (Her skirt is a tennis skirt). I succeeded in locating a “bumpit” on clearance at Walgreens earlier in the day, to give her the signature bump in her hair. She wasn’t so sure about the orange hairspray, but the bright colors made the kids look a lot more like cartoon characters. I used a pen-style eyeliner to give her slightly more cartoonish eyes and eyebrows.

These pictures show Candace’s two alter egos (both while on the phone). Top is “M–o–m!! Phineas and Ferb are making a …..” The second is talking to Jeremy.

You can’t have a Ferb without a Phineas. We tossed around a lot of ideas about how to give him the pointy head that Phineas has in the show, but ultimately just decided to style his hair in a conical direction and spray it orange. I bought a plain orange t-shirt and we masked it off with painters tape and spray painted it white (I would have used fabric paint, but we were short on time). You can see that the painted areas absorbed a lot of the paint, so it is light orange rather than white, but we still had the signature stripes represented.

“Whatcha doing?” My daughter has the perfect personality for Isabella, and she made sure to say her catch phrase along with “trick or treat” all night. I found her pink jumper at Goodwill, and we had the pink bow at home. If you are wondering why she is carrying a dog, she insisted that it be “Pinky the Chihuahua,” Isabella’s dog/and Perry’s fellow agent in the show–though her dog doesn’t really look anything like a Chihuahua. I tried giving her darker hair, but that may have been a mistake. It never made her hair very dark, and some how kept getting all over her hands and face. I was certain someone would mistake her for a chimney sweep.

We didn’t get any pictures of BSB and I until we were at the party and it was all dark. He is Dr. Doofenshmirtz–though I admit he is much better looking than Dr. D–but he does a great job making the Doofenshmirtz voice. I would have loved to have some some putty to make him pointy nose, but he settled for his lab coat and dark turtleneck. He did let me make his had a little wild–like a mad scientist’s hair should be. He also went around shooting tootsie rolls from his “Candy-inator” (just a skinny PVC pipe with a drawn on self-destruct buttons, etc).

I am supposed to be his teenage daughter, Vanessa. Yes, I am too old (and my jacket is Navy, not black), but I thought she would be more fun to dress up as than the mom. I was afraid I’d just look like a mom, which I am everyday.

This year’s cupcakes were nearly a direct copy of Cindy’s from Skip to My Lou. I ordered the gumballs, eyeball, sixlets, baking cups, etc., all from her baking supply shop, “Sweet”. We added the white chocolate spiderwebs to the design.

I’ve been on a spider kick this Halloween, and these fun colorful cupcakes tied in with the colorful cartoon feeling of our costumes.

Our party was so much fun! And it was fun to see who the big Phineas and Ferb fans were by how fast they could figure out our costumes.

Our family has so much fun dressing up together each year! If you want to see our other family ensembles, check out our family costume parade! Have you posted your Halloween costumes for this year? I would love to see them! I am collecting clever Halloween costumes on this Pinterest board.


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  1. Amazing!!! Love the costumes and your super cute fam!

  2. These are fantastic! I love the way each and every one of them came out! I might have to run with this idea next year. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kendra, I LOVE it! Our family loves Phineas and Feb as well- definitely one of our favorites! When I had Mason, Ryan (then 3) insisted on naming him Phineas! I was ok with Finn, but Phineas was a bit much for us! Your family looks darling!

  4. Super cute Kendra! We love Phineas and Ferb as well. The bumpit kills me! Love that closeup of Isabella, such a great shot!


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