Serendipity Halloween Book

I want to show you this cute Halloween book you might want to purchase and read to your children before Halloween this year!

It is a cute story that my kids wanted to hear over and over. We have a tradition of getting a new book every year for Christmas, but don’t have a lot of Halloween books. This was actually written and published by a friend of ours from High School. It was inspired by a bedtime story his mom made up to tell her grandchildren. He loved it so much that he thought the world should get a chance to hear the story of spunky Serendipity and how she finally figured out what to dress up as for Halloween.

Have you figured out what you are going to be Halloween this year?

To purchase the book, go here.


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  1. […] to more of a party and had moms come for food at the end. I started by reading the story Serendipity, about  a little girl who doesn’t know what she wants to be for Halloween. It was a nice way […]

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