Classic Halloween Preschool Party

Are you Halloween’ed out yet? I sort of am, but there are a few more fun things I haven’t shared with you yet. I told you that I have been doing a pre-school co-op for my daughter and her friends. As the schedule has it, it is my turn to teach the week of each major holiday: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, so I have become the official pre-school party planner!

Remember these invitations from the post about Dip-Dyed Candy corn colored card stock? We set the tone for our pre-school party by making these to handout to our friends at preschool the week before.

We began with a bit of a regular lesson, and then transitioned to more of a party and had moms come for food at the end. I started by reading the story Serendipity, about  a little girl who doesn’t know what she wants to be for Halloween. It was a nice way to talk about our costumes and how we chose them. Then we worked on letters a little bit. We talked about H for Halloween. I made a coloring page that said “Happy Halloween”, “Haunted House” and “Halloween Hat”. (I would share the worksheets I made, but I don’t think I have the right to share the clip art I used). We also talked about double O’s that make the oo sound (Like “boo” “zoo”, etc.). We read the book Peek-A Who? and made ghost sounds. Then they did the worksheet I put together above. I used a font with dashed lines to make the O’s and had kids glue Cheerios on top of them. Then they matched the word with the corresponding picture.

For Math we did this Counting Candy Corn worksheet. You can find download it here. You put a candy corn in each square. As the children roll the dice, they eat the candy corn in the square of the number they roll. We used two dice and left the paper as it prints. That way, there were two of each number, so they could eat either one and we could see a couple of combinations of each number. There are a lot of ways you can do this one, but it was a big hit!

Then we got crafty! With a lot of washable black paint.

We painted witches hats made of white paper plates and party hats. We painted sections of egg cartons black and added googley eyes to make bats. And used the children’s hands to make spiders on a plate that they later laced to create a web.

For more information on the crafts we did, here are some links:

Witches hats

egg-carton bats

lacing spiderwebs

We also decorated these spider cupcakes. They are pretty simple to do if you have the right ingredients. I frosted them with dark gray frosting. Then the kids rolled them into plate of sprinkles to cover the cupcakes. I used the same edible eyeballs we used in the gumball spider cupcakes at the Halloween party.

I looked all over town for licorice ropes without success. I was excited to find this decorating candy by Wilton in the Halloween section at Target. These make the perfect spider legs. I used kitchen shears to cut them to the right length and allow the kids to add 8 legs and a couple of eyeballs to their cupcakes. If I had had  more eyeballs, it would have been cool to add a bunch of them on one spider! (How many eyes do spiders have?)

It was fun to set a table for just a few little kids. The decorations were kind of a candy corn theme like the invitations combined with black graphic, classic Halloween symbols.

I had the candy corn placemats. I had purchased the cups and napkins last year on clearance after Halloween (Target?).

The little cat boxes are by Hallmark. We filled them with candy corn to take home for later or for more counting practice. Stripey straws are from Pick Your Plum and The nut cups (we used them for catsup) came from Sweet Baking Supply.

I got the Halloween mini-sodas from Fresh and Easy.

I made mummy dogs for the main dish. I’m sure you’ve seen these before, but they are perfect for this age group and easy to make. Buy a can of refrigerated crescent roll dough. Roll it out and cut into strips an inch wide (or smaller). Wrap them around hot dogs then bake according to the direction for the rolls. Give them a couple of mummy eyes and you are good to go. I used a toothpick to apply the eyes, since the mustard wasn’t squeezing out of the bottle easily.

I asked the other moms to help with non-sweet food. One of the moms made these fun mashed potato ghosts with green pea eyes. They were yummy and cute!

Another brought these fun-faced oranges, and vegetables (monster toes and skeleton bones?)

I think the kids had a great time and I had fun with all of the cuteness. I will be doing something similar for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Do you have any fabulous preschool ideas for me? I’d love to hear them! You can follow my ideas on the following Pinterest Boards:

Thanksgiving-kid friendly

Christmas preschool

Kid’s Crafts


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  1. I love preschool age group parties! 🙂 So fun! Glad that you used the handprint spider web craft! Thanks for sharing it here!

  2. Adorable! Great job Kendra : )

  3. Toilets, faucets, we fix everything. says

    Mostly house hold furniture


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