Finding my Fall Fragrance–A Scentsy Giveaway!

When I create a party or an event, what I am really trying to do is create a feeling–an atmosphere. Being a very visual person, the way a party looks is important to me, but a great event will speak to all of your senses. The same goes for my home. Ideally, I want to walk in and have it look, feel, sound, taste (if only dinner were always waiting), and smell like home! That is why I was so excited to get a Scentsy warmer and have the opportunity to create my own signature autumn fragrance.

The warmer I chose is the Castille, and I love it because it looks great anywhere and glows beautifully. The other cool thing, is that there are several different screen options I can purchase for the warmer to change the look without buying a new warmer.

I figured after the Scentsy class I took at SNAP conference in April, I would be a pro at the mixing challenge.

The Scentsy  ScenTrend of 2012 is Pink Pepper. It is an unique scent and truly has a light pepper fragrance. The reason it has become so popular is that it is a perfect scent to mix with other scents. It adds a little spice and depth to some of the lighter, more summery fragrances, helping them transition perfectly to Fall.

I played around with a couple of combos, before deciding, that I really wanted my scent to feel like Fall (the weather in Arizona doesn’t, so I have to create that atmosphere somehow!). I pulled out a decidedly cinnamon scent called “Welcome Home” and decided to mix a couple of scents with it.

Pixie is a pleasant, but mild scent, so I added a cube of that and a cube of Pink Pepper. And mixed them all together.

It was a nice combo, but the cinnamon was still the over-powering fragrance. After a while, I decided that I would love to add a citrus scent to the mix to make it smell like all of the holiday baking that happens in the fall. But I didn’t have any citrusy scents.

I did have this fruity Paradise Punch–which on its own smells just like Summer. I’m not sure which fruits, but is smells exactly like tropical fruits. I added a cube to give the fruity undertone. Paradise Punch, like Welcome Home, is a pretty bold scent, so you might consider adding just a half a cube if you want the fruit fragrance to be subtle. I added another Pink Pepper to help it all blend together and keep it trending in the Autumn direction, instead of summer fun. I thought about adding more Pixie, since the other stronger scents seemed to be overpowering it, but my warmer was pretty full already. Next time, I might start with smaller amounts of Welcome Home and Paradise Punch.

So here is my recipe, if you’d like to create my Fabulous Fall Fragrance:

2 cubes (or more) Pink Pepper

1 cube (or more) Pixie

1 cube Welcome Home

1 cube Paradise Punch

Melt in warmer and mix together with stirrer. Enjoy!

I can’t wait to try out a few more combos, and see what other atmospheres I can create through scent!

I know you are dying to have your very own Scentsy warmer and to try out my recipe and see if is Fall fabulous or if you could come up with a better combo. Guess what! One of you can do just that! Scentsy has agreed to give one winner their choice of full-sized warmer, plus the scent cubes to make my Fall Fragrance recipe. Enter through Rafflecopter below! And Happy Autumn!
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  1. I’ve never tried Scentsy before, but I love cinnamon spice scents that can carry me from fall into the holiday season. 🙂

  2. The Downtown warmer is so cool (and so is the Linden warmer!)!

  3. Stephanie J says

    I love cinnamon

  4. I love the smell of pumpkin and apples!


  5. I love the Tis the Season warmer and the Pumpkin Warmer!

    I would love to try Camu, Camu and Sunkissed Citrus!


  6. I’ve heard of Scentsy, but hadn’t realized the freedom to create your own scents. That sounds really fun!

  7. Oh, I just read the Rafflecopter rules… Favorite Fall scent? Probably apples and cinnamon.

  8. I love the Silverline warmer!

  9. Fall scents are my favorite. I love pumpkin and apple pie. The mix you created sounds so yummy.

  10. I like the linden warmer

  11. My favorite fall scents are cinnamon and pumpkin! Love the idea of mixing scents to create a personalized scent!

  12. I love the smell of cinnamon and vanilla together.

  13. I love the owl warmer and I’m so intrigued by the pink pepper, maybe with a little apple.

  14. I love Scentsy. would love to win. The Eskimo kiss sounds really good, and also frosted ginger cookie. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I would like the Roma plug in warmer.

  16. I love Scentsy. I would love to win that cute warmer.

  17. Duane Cooper says

    Love the scent of pumpkin,

  18. Duane Cooper says

    I would love the firefighter warmer,

  19. I’ve never mixed scents before. My go to scent is Perfectly Pomegranate. I can have that on all year.

  20. Pumpkin! Anything pumpkin. Love Scentsy’s Pumpkin Marshmallow.

  21. I would choose the cupcake mid size warmer. So cute!!

  22. I like cinnamony-appley scents

  23. I really like the Silvervine warmer and want to try the Apple Press, Central Park Pralines and Silver Bells fragrences. 😀

  24. I love anything pumpkin spice smelling for fall.

  25. I like the whoot warmer.

  26. I love the smell of cider 🙂


  27. I’d pick the bandeau warmer


  28. Michelle J. says

    I always love Cinnamon Vanilla!

  29. Michelle J. says

    I’d love to get the Jolly warmer for the holidays–it’s so cute!

  30. I love Cozy Fireside but it’s discontinued 🙁 So I need to win this to try a new scent! 🙂

  31. I’d like to try this Pink Pepper mixed with something…

  32. I adore the scent of cinnamon and apples together…MMMM! My favorite Scentsy fall fragrance is Cozy Fireside!

  33. I’ve always wanted to mix Apple Press with Cozy Fireside or Autumn Sunset, just to see if it would be an apple explosion!!

  34. Apples and spice 🙂

  35. I would like to try the pick pepper with scents such as pumpkin, apples, or vanilla

  36. Sounds so good! Love a little spice!

  37. Pumkin Spice!

  38. I’d like the Christmas Lights warmer.

  39. mamabunny13 says

    I like cinnamon.

  40. mamabunny13 says

    I would love to have the owl warmer!

  41. the smell of burning leaves and apples

  42. i like the snowman warmer

  43. Ashley Hatten says

    Pumpkin Pie is my fave autumn scent

  44. Ashley Hatten says

    I like the Barista warmer

  45. I love the smell of apples!

  46. Michelle Pickett says

    I love pumpkin and gingerbread!

  47. Michelle Pickett says

    theres an owl warmer i really want!

  48. Never would I have thought to mix scents and create my own! This could be dangerous! Hmmm….now what to mix with apples and cinnamon?

  49. I love the scent of pumpkins with cinnamon/spices!

  50. I’d choose the Plum Garland warmer!

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