Shutterfly Card Worthy Giveaway and GNO

I was such a lucky girl this week to get to go out with a group of amazing women and laugh and eat and laugh and eat courtesy of Shutterfly, and hosted by the lovely Vanessa of See Vanessa Craft, at Oregano’s in Scottsdale. Did I mention we ate a lot? It was so yummy!
We also got to take a look at the fabulous line of Holiday card designs from Shutterfly and talk about what makes a great Christmas card. I’m already a fan of Shutterfly’s. I used them when I printed this “Cardworthy” image of my children as the Nativity scene a couple of years ago and I remember, the paper and the printing were both so high-quality and beautiful!
I’m excited that I get to give away a $50 credit to Shutterfly to help you with your Holiday printing needs. Enter via Rafflecopter below. But hurry! The giveaway ends soon, since we all need to get cracking on those cards!
To get you started on the right track, you might want to check out Shutterfly’s tips and tricks for card photos on their new microsite that shares ideas for a Family Photo Day.
If you’ve already got the photo thing down, you might want to enter Shutterfly’s #CardWorthy Photo Contest that is running on their Facebook page from November 12-Dec 9th.  You can upload a photo into one of their 2012 holiday cards. The grand prize is a dream trip for a family of 4 (winner choosesthe destination). Should I enter my photo above?
I have done a few memorable Christmas Cards over the years. Here is a sneak peek at a photo that might be #cardworthy enough to make the cut this year.
My best photo tip is to make it fun! I love it when I get cards that show a family’s personality and/or creativity, rather than just a perfectly posed portrait. If you are taking the time to send a greeting card, you want it to reflect a bit about who you are, so you are actually sending little bits of yourself with each card. If you make the photo taking a fun experience, it could actually become a tradition that your family looks forward to every year–rather than an event on par with getting a root canal. Thanks Vanessa and Shutterfly for including me in such a #cardworthy and memorable evening!

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  1. Heather Toller says

    I have used Shutterfly for years.They have great quality and customer service.

    • Heather Toller says

      And my favorite Christmas Card was when my daughter was almost one and my son almost four. I dressed them in Carter’s footsie pajamas and sat them together on a chair. It wasn’t the best picture in the world but a great memory for me because I had the my perfect pair… a boy and a girl.

  2. Shutterfly is so great for customizing your pics. Calendars are awesome for grandparents. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. Kristen W. says

    My favorite card was my daughter’s first Christmas. I wrapped a large brown box with wrapping paper and I put her inside. They turned out so cute!

  4. I love Shutterfly! I got pics from them last year and thought they looked great.

  5. my favorite christmas card is actually the one i never sent! it was a candid shot of my family. i love that no one was looking at the camera and the colors were so vibrant. my plan is to send that card with this years card…because i have a hundred of them printed!!!

  6. I recently got canvas prints from Shutterfly. Beautiful, with great color accuracy.

  7. Probably my Harding Gift Guide card because it was clever and came together very quickly–unlike just about every other card-creating experience.

  8. Stephanie Anderson says

    We just used shutterfly last night to make calendars for the grandparents….best part – my husband did all the work (we’ll let him think it was his idea too).

  9. I use Shutterfly for my kids photo books. I do a year at a time, from birthday to birthday.

  10. My favorite picture was when we dressed up our week old baby in a Santa suit. I can’t believe how small he was!

  11. My fav card was designed by Harper Grey, it was fun bright colors that overlapped. So darn cute!

  12. One year I made linoleum block printed Christmas cards with a William Morris-inspired design. Those are still my favorites. This year, however, I’m sending cards that feature my gorgeous one-year-old daughter(today’s her birthday!). Still deciding on the design, but they may move into first place as best Christmas cards ever

  13. I love printing my holiday cards online- it makes everything so much easier in my busy household! I got matching Holiday bishops and longalls this year for my twins and they looked so adorable! I can’t wait to see how the cards turn out!

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  15. I have used Shutterfly for a couple of months. They have much better quality and customer service.

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