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As the voting for the Party Party winds down, it is finally time to reveal the Dessert Table I put together with the help of some of my favorite party girls in honor of 5 years Insanity. I’ve been posting sneak peeks of the contributions along the way on Instagram, and it was so fun to finally put it all together.

Legoland trip-5776 Legoland trip-5865

My only frustration in this whole thing is that I couldn’t get better lighting for my photos. But let’s not let that spoil the fun!

Here is the the table…

Legoland trip-5770

And here are all the details provided by my party girls:

Legoland trip-5811

You’ll recognize the fabulous favor boxes from Do @ Piggy Bank Parties.

Legoland trip-5750

Legoland trip-5748

I filled them with colorful gumballs I found at Target.

Legoland trip-5751

And as a back drop, I love these giant Balloons from Sara @ Confetti Sunshine.

Legoland trip-5763

(I added the gold vinyl #5 to the big blue balloon)

Legoland trip-5729

I draped this fun handmade fabric banner by Mariah @ Giggles Galore across the front of the table. A little rustic, a little blingy. This could be used as decoration for so many occasions! Legoland trip-5801

Legoland trip-5759


Legoland trip-5758

All of the yummy stuff–cupcakes, cupcake toppers, and chocolate-dipped cookies–was provided by Laura @ Pink Cake Plate. Legoland trip-5757

Legoland trip-5863 Legoland trip-5797 Legoland trip-5739

Take a quick tip from Laura when you need something fun to round out the dessert table. You can purchase your favorite cookie and quickly dip it in melted chocolate to make it a little more special–especially if you add fun sprinkles to the mix.

Legoland trip-5743 Legoland trip-5742

Legoland trip-5874

Cute yellow baking cups and mini spoons from Brittany @ Bake it Pretty! I filled them with scoops of Birthday Cake With Sprinkles ice cream that I found at Target. Then added a little gumball on top for color and fun.

Legoland trip-5796

Here’s another quick party tip. I love to pre-scoop ice cream into cute cups like this or cupcake liners (like I did at my son’s ABC party), for cute and easy serving at the party.

Legoland trip-5879

The mini milk bottles are also from Bake it Pretty. I have been drooling over these for years, so I was SO excited when Brittany agreed to send me some. I guess it is a little ironic, since I’m not serving milk, but they are just the right size for any beverage, and add charm to any party! I will use them for a milk and cookies party, someday.

mini milk bottles


In addition to a beverage holder, I loaded 3 of the bottles up with gumballs to act as weights for the giant balloons. Next time you use helium balloons you might try skipping buying the balloon weights they sell at the party store, and see if you can tie them down, or use something that goes well with your party as a weight.

Legoland trip-5798

Legoland trip-5752

Adding more fun and a lot of sparkle to our milk bottles are these fun drink stirs (stirrers?) made by Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft.  I nearly put these in champagne glasses with sparkling cider, but I like how they jazz up the milk bottles and serve as skewers to hold the maraschino cherries that we used for the Cherry Limeade.  Legoland trip-5753

I honestly totally guessed at this recipe and it came out tasting quite a bit like the ones I get at a favorite drive-up restaurant (if only I had pebbled ice). Here’s what we did.

Easy Cherry Limeade

In each glass mix
1 tsp. grenadine syrup
1 tsp. lime juice (I used it from a bottle, and was surprised that it tasted as good as it did. Fresh limes are always great though!)
Fill the cup the rest of the way with lemon-lime soda.
Add a maraschino cherry (or two) and some lime wedges to make it more fun!

Legoland trip-5776 As for the circles on the wall and the rugs, etc., they are just some of the decor I have in my kid’s play area, and it seemed to go along perfectly with the feel of our party table.

While I had hoped to be able to host some of my local blogging friends to join in this celebration, it just wasn’t in the cards–or rather the calendar–to do so.

So I celebrated with my blog fans that have been here since the beginning. This one was only 3 months old when the blog was born. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t remember a life without the blog. (That probably explains why she is such a willing model).

Legoland trip-5856


(Quick shout out to Vintage Rose Wraps–a prize sponsor–since my daughter is wearing one of her wraps here!)

They were pretty excited to have yummy cupcakes and cherry limeade, even if they were a bit confused about why were weren’t entertaining a larger crowd. I told them we were partying with all of you! I just wish I could have fit you in my home (after it had been meticulously cleaned, of course) and given you each a cupcake and a favor box to say “Thank you” for listening to me, validating my crazy ideas, commenting, pinning, being inspired and sharing your wonderful ideas with me! Since I cannot, I hope you will enjoy my virtual party and feel of my gratitude, even so. (I DO have one big surprise in store for one of my readers!! Check back on Friday!!)

And while I am giving thanks, a HUGE “thank you” to the ladies who were willing to jump onboard with my crazy idea and send their contributions for my table. I hope you will visit each of their blogs and/or shops to see all of the amazing things they have to offer! You will not be disappointed.

blog banner500

One last plug to remind you that today is the last day to vote in the Party Party contest. The winner will be getting some amazing prizes! So don’t forget to vote for your favorites here, and Repin or like their parties on this Pinterest board.

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  1. LOVE this!! So stinking cute! Love the 5 on the big balloon as the focal point! Congrats on five years! 🙂

  2. I love how you pulled everything together for a fun and practical party, great job! Oh and congrats on 5 fabulous blogging years!

  3. You did such a great job at pulling everything together!! Whew, glad my stirs (stirrers?) fit in with your party theme after all lol! Happy 5 years!

  4. Such a fun party and we were celebratin’ here at the PiG PeN! ?

  5. Thanks, ladies!! I’m still having a bit of angst about the lighting for the photoshoot, but I loved everything you sent and I hope the pictures do it all justice! Thanks so much for helping me celebrate!


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