Serenity With Scentsy Violet Leaf

Around the time I initially wrote my post about my word of the year, I was also getting ready to post about the Scentsy Scentrend for 2013. I had been sent a preview of the new Violet Leaf scent along with some other goodies geared toward helping me relax. I thought it was pretty great that Scentsy knew that I needed to work on my Serenity and was trying to help me out. Unfortunately, I hadn’t been so good at relaxing up to that point, and so I got pretty sick and was not able to get either post up when I had planned to. You can read about my goal to find Serenity on this post, and I am going to tell you about Violet Leaf here now!



I told you about Pink Pepper last fall. The thing that is fun about these Scentrend scents, is that they are designed to mix and match with lots of other favorite scents, so you can create something that is just you. It is kind of fun to play fragrance designer!

I find it somewhat difficult to accurately describe these scents in words, so I am going to just tell you how Scentsy describes Violet Leaf:

Violet Leaf exudes an organic, green fragrance with a subtle floral undertone. The earthy violet leaf note has a cut-grass feel with watery accents of melon and cucumber and is very different from the fragrance of a violet flower, which has a sweet, powdery scent.

violet leaf 2013-6020

Here are a few of the scents you may have around that they recommend mixing with Violet Leaf.

  1. Posy Peach
  2. Route 66
  3. Quiver
  4. Apple Press
  5. Rio Beach
  6. Lotus Cove
  7. My Home

violet leaf 2013-6021

I am excited to play around with some of those combos, but first, I had to get brave and do my own thing. I had been wanting to try out the Just Breathe cubes as part of my relaxation regime, since breathing is always a good idea. But the scent is almost a little medicinal, so I tried mixing it with the new Violet leaf. It gave it a softer, more floral scent, but still made me want to take a deep breath. I took it up to my bathroom to enjoy the fragrance while indulging in a bubble bath. Doesn’t that sound serene?

violet leaf 2013-6030

Are you a Scentsy fan? Have you made any great discoveries while mixing and matching scents? I’m still in experimenting so I would love to hear!


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