Serenity: Word for 2013

I originally wrote this post back in January when most other bloggers were writing about their words of the year. I started second guessing myself before I got around to publishing it, but just read it again, and decided that even if this isn’t the only thing I focus on this year, it is still something that is really important for me to work on. Maybe it is something you are working on too? It would be wonderful if some of you are willing to share what things help you to feel calm and serene in the middle of this troubled and chaotic world. I know that feeling can be somewhat elusive..

I think I have finally chosen my word for 2013. And it kind of came out of no-where and surprised me. (For reference about the one little word, see this post). I had thought to chose something more active and assertive. For quite a while I was leaning toward the word “decide”, which sounds wishy washy, but considering my issues with indecision, it would have been an appropriate choice. However, I have come to the conclusion, that what I need most in my life at this time is Serenity.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I need bubble baths everyday (although I think that could only help ;-)), but I have realized that for all of my other goals to be able to come about, I need to be healthy–physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I believe I have trained my body to run off of adrenaline, which means that the thing that has been getting me out of bed each day is stress. Stress can be a great motivator in the short-term, but I am afraid of the effect it is having on my body in the long run. What I am searching for this year is a deep inner-peace that allows me to keep going and doing, but with out the panic and fear of consequences if I fall below the marks that I have set for myself or the expectations I feel that others have of me.

When I first thought about my word, the Serenity prayer came to mind {Word art found here}. I tend to think that if I am unhappy about something I should just go and change it/fix it. I am the master of my own destiny, right? But, like the list of semi-decorated rooms in my house, change takes time and some things are truly out of our control.

In trying to think of a time when I felt serenity–aside from those bubble baths–the scene that came to mind was one from several years ago when I was traveling in Europe. (Kind of wish I could take my head out of this picture, so you could get a better idea of the amazing view below). That day we had ridden the gondola up to the ancient fortress that sits atop the hill in Salzburg, Austria. The building was fascinating in its history and architecture, but it was the view of the surrounding countryside that actually brought tears to my eyes as I was overwhelmed by the peaceful beauty of it all. Ironically, I know that part of the world has not always been at peace, but the sun shining down through the Alps and the verdant fields below, like a scene from an old storybook, felt so calm and peaceful. If God could create such beauty for His children to enjoy, surely He loves us enough to care about the details of our lives. And if he is worrying about them, maybe we can let go a little bit and trust in Him a little more.

I think the trick is going to be to remember the big picture. As much as I would like to, I can’t cease paying bills and running errands. There are four little people who are pretty dependent on me. But hopefully remembering what matters most, will help me to stress less about the things that matter less. I’m hoping to find healthier sources of energy, rather than that nagging feeling that someone is expecting something from me and I must deliver.

Desiderata gives more instruction. (Graphic)

There is a lot of noise and haste in my life, and not nearly as much silence as I might like, but I want to meet it calmly and take the opportunities I can to find silence.

The full version of Desiderata, gives even more good advice for happiness and tranquility. (Source)

How about you? Did you choose a word for the year? What do you do to find your peace when you are stressed? What motivates you to keep going on the hard days?


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  1. Seeing your word made me think of its close (and equally elusive) equivalent: CONTENTMENT. Being happy and grateful with what we have…because it is often so much more than we realize. 🙂

    • Such a good word! I wonder why it is so hard to be content when we have so much! I think it is tricky to find that balance between aiming high (being motivated to keep progressing) and being satisfied and content w your life as it is and not wait for _______ to be happy.

  2. My word for the last three years has been courage (to try new things, face my fears, to follow my dreams, etc.). It’s not easy, but I’m trying!

    • That is a great word! Do you feel you have been making progress over the years? I don’t know why sometimes I feel so brave and others so insecure and afraid. What helps you to feel more courageous? I do feel that fear is so paralyzing and damaging, but there is so much of it to overcome!

      • Yes, fear is very paralyzingly. When I get scared I stop and pray for strength and guidance. I’m making progress, slowly but surely!


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