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In honor of the The Green Giant’s big surprise, they are asking bloggers to reveal their hidden talents. That’s a little bit of a problem for me, since I’m not one to hide my talents. Why do you think I have a blog? It is so that I can inundate you with my talents all…the…time! Right? So you probably have a pretty good idea about what I do. You may not be aware that I also sing. But if you know me in real life, you know that I don’t really hide that talent either. You have probably heard me erupt into spontaneous singing at the drop of a hat. Some of us just live in a musical! (If you really want to read more about my talents, you might check out this post).

But, I do know someone with a plethora of hidden talents. In fact, I am married to him! You’ve seen glimpses of his talents on this blog, but I haven’t revealed the full extent of them, until now! Mainly because I don’t want you to take away his man card. So before we get started, keep in mind that BSB (Boy Scout Barry) loves shooting, hunting, golf, paintball, baseball, BBQing, wrestling with his boys, and a number of other “manly” pursuits. (Man card still intact? Good.)

baking cookies

We’ll start with a few of his talents that you may have picked up on if you have been paying attention. He is quite the master baker! And yes, he really stares into the oven and watches his cookies bake. I’ve never had anything quite like his ginger molasses cookies and women have been known to get into brawls over them.

bread making tips-1443

He also bakes bread! Recently he has been experimenting with spelt and other grains in his bread. He isn’t afraid to experiment and usually comes up with winners!

pirate chest pinata

You may have seen him helping with my projects. He is known for constructing indestructible piñatas.




ice cream stand DIY-9484


Or fashioning make-shift ice cream parlors.

Carnival worker balloon animal guy-1457

But did you see his skill at tying balloon animals? Before we were dating, he won me over by making a heart-shaped balloon with two-turtle doves inside. That’s when I began to hope that he really did like me, after all. (But that’s another story).

balloon animal pouch

It gets even better! You see the apron he is wearing to hold the balloons and his balloon gear? He designed and sewed that himself. (He also did most of the sewing when we ruffled crepe paper).

And now for a couple of his most surprising talents:

tango edit


He can ballroom dance! And while we have both since forgotten how–we learned the tango and danced it as our first dance at our wedding reception.

And here is my favorite…

loom knit hats

He knits!! Mainly on a loom, but he has come up with his own techniques for making tighter stitches and different patterns.

*And now BSB breaks into a chorus of “I Have a Dream” from Tangled*


I feel like I have covered the surface of BSB’s hidden talents, but I hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about his secret hobbies as much as I’ve enjoyed revealing them (Hee Hee!)

Green Giant veggie chips-6034

The Green Giant’s big surprise is their  new veggie chips. They sent us a couple of bags to try and they really were really yummy! Surprising, right? They did not taste like they should be healthy. My kids devoured them quickly–hardly leaving any for their dad to try. So now in exchange for putting his man card on the line, I’m going to need to go and buy veggie chips of his own!

Do you have a surprising talent? Tell me what it is or share it on Green Giant’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. Or just go and check out everyone else’s crazy talents!

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