We’re Going to Disneyland – How to break the news to the kids

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It’s Disney week on the blog, and I thought we would start at the beginning of the fun: Telling the kids that they were about to take a trip to Disneyland!


It wasn’t hard to keep the trip a secret, since we didn’t know for sure that we were going to be able to swing it until just a couple of weeks before we left. So to break the news, I sent the kids upstairs to clean their rooms (they’ve got to earn this, after all!), while I prepared a special breakfast for dinner.

Disney Surprise--2

I started with basic black plates from Walmart in standard and dessert sizes and hot glued the dessert plates to the big place to make one hidden mickey. The polka dot napkins were also at Walmart. I used red wrapping paper as a tablecloth and three black round placemats in the center to act as another hidden Mickey.

donut mouse ears-6115

We had mouse ears on our mugs: Chocolate donuts propped on both sides. Adding a stripy straw is never a bad idea.

Disney breakfast

The main dish was Mickey Mouse waffles, using a special waffle iron I had borrowed from my friend. If you didn’t have the special iron, it wouldn’t be hard to make pancakes shaped as mouse ears, using a squeeze bottle to “draw” the batter on to the griddle. I tried to arrange the pieces of bacon behind Mickey’s face to resemble a starburst or the spokes of the ferris wheel at California adventure.

Disney Surprise--3

Another really easy hidden Mickey (and healthy to boot!) is to take an orange and two small Clementine oranges and attach them with toothpicks.

Disney Surprise-

I figured all of the mouse ears would let them know that something was up, but just to be safe, I spelled it out for them, using a roll of adding tape and a gold paint pen (and my best Disney font penmanship). I wrote “We’re going to Disneyland.” and to make sure it would sink in, I included that we were leaving in just a couple of days.

It might have been fun to do something like this on the morning of traveling and not tell them until you are ready to get in the car, but I needed a little help getting packed and I had another surprise waiting for them on the morning we left…

…but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s post to see that one!

For those of you who want to hear the squeals, here is how the reveal went.

Have you ever surprised your kids with a trip to Disneyland? How did you break the news?

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  1. Awesome!! We surprised our girls with a trip to Disney World on Christmas morning… we wrapped a HUGE box in gold foil paper and when they opened it a foil Minnie balloon floated out. There was a large poster inside which said, “In 6 sleeps were are going to Disney World.” Our 6 year old was in shock and her excitement finally grew when we sat down to enjoy the Disney Christmas parade on tv. Our 2 year old walked around the house saying ” See Mitty & Minnie & Don-dald & Doofy & ‘Rella” in a loop all morning. It was GREAT!!

  2. You’re kids reactions are so awesome! What a cute way to tell them! DARLING!

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