Family Room Makeover with BHG

Do you have any rooms in your house that you have big plans for but either no time or budget to execute those plans? So the rooms just sit there undecorated and uninspiring? My family room has been an eyesore for a while, so when I was contacted to participate in the BHG @Walmart Room Refresh Challenge, I was super-excited to be able to give this space some of the TLC it so desperately needed.

before the before makeover

Before I can show you the before, I have to show you before the before, because it helps explain why this room is in such chaos. I posted this picture of the family room before, with our old entertainment unit when I was thinking about painting the wall. Don’t worry. I still am and may have even come up with a plan, but that won’t happen for at least a month or two, so it was nice to be able to make some changes now, instead of waiting for time to do a big project.

makeover before

We got a new-to-us TV for Christmas, so the old armoire and media storage (that was broken and not replaceable) had to go. We also got a different system for storing and playing our DVDs and have been working on entering them into the system. What that means, though, is that we had never finished the process so the room has been cluttered with banker boxes full of DVD cases for months. The pictures were never hung back on the walls and this horrifying image is really what the room looked like.


Until I was given a $250 gift card to Walmart and the challenge to refresh my family room by purchasing Better Homes and Gardens brand furnishings and using items already in my home. I think the transformation is pretty astounding…

Are you ready???

makeover after

Before the room was very monochromatic. Lots of neutrals on neutrals with some warm-toned reds and golds. Not wanting to throw out the baby with the bathwater, I felt what this space really needed was an infusion of some cool gray-blue colors to freshen up the abundant warm tones in my beige on beige room. And why not have a little more fun with the splashes of red that weren’t going anywhere.

TV Before and after


The key to the makeover was this lovely rug. A steal at only $69. It isn’t as thick and plush as some more expensive rugs, but is it soft and lays nicely, and happened to have the perfect color scheme for my room. I also really enjoy the pattern. It is kind of a bridge between the more traditional furnishings I have and a more contemporary look I would like to incorporate. I really love it!

BHG family room makeover afters-7566

Probably my favorite thing to shop for in the Better Homes and Gardens line is their decorative pillows. There are so many to choose from, and lots of color and texture to work with.

Before and After Couch

The monotone throw pillows were replaced with these beautiful and fun pillows.

BHG family room makeover afters-7541

I already had the checked pattern. The floral print is embroidered, and everyone loves the ruffled rose pillows. If we are going red, it may as well be fun, right?


chair corner makeover

My husband’s chair (that I have been unsuccessful at talking him into parting with) looks fun and fresh with a pale blue embroidered pillow. It is amazing how much these small pops of blue help balance the space.

BHG family room makeover afters-7589

Another great textured pillow!

BHG family room makeover afters-7591

And it doesn’t hurt that I finally replaced the kid’s pictures with their current ones and got them back on the wall to break up that massive expanse of beige.

BHG family room makeover afters-7550

I love the circle design in these lamps and paired them with rectangular shades because of the limited space on the tv shelf.

BHG family room makeover afters-7580

To round out that corner, I added a grouping of these decorative mirrors. They are only 5 or 6 dollars each, and can be grouped in lots of different configurations. I liked how they echo the circular design in the set of lamps I chose. BHG family room makeover afters-7585

My decision to place the lamps by the TV, may not be the most practical for reading, etc., but I love how they elevate the display to furniture status, instead of just a television stand.

BHG family room makeover afters-7504

I also hung the Alphabet Artwork (that was temporarily on the mantle) above the TV. Leaving the mantle ready for a fresh new look.

Fireplace before and after

I’ve had this large gold frame floating around for a while. I wanted a large picture of our family there, but not that large, so I strung twine from the frame and clothes-pinned on a bunch of photos from our DIY Christmas Card photoshoot.

BHG family room makeover afters-7561

BHG family room makeover afters-7552

I didn’t want to clutter the mantle with lots of trinkets, so I was excited to find these substantial BHG candlesticks and lovely blue candles. They smell nice, too.

BHG family room makeover afters-7588

On the other side, I found this great BHG basket in the kitchen department.

BHG family room makeover afters-7525

I created an assortment of decorative balls from some floral foam I had on hand and twine and tacks.


BHG family room makeover afters-7526

BHG family room makeover afters-7515

I’m loving my new room!

Do you have a space you have been wanting to make over? Enter the BHG Pin to Win Room Refresh Sweepstakes for your chance to win $1000 to Walmart! If I could do all of this with $250. What could you do with $1000?

bhg logo

Here are a few tips to get you started on your own room refresh:

* Pick the room that has been driving you craziest, or one you spend a lot of time in.

* Have a vision. Gather ideas and resources on Pinterest (see sweepstakes above).

* Do the Honey Do’s! I got my husband to fix the bent curtain rods, and hang the shelf to hide our TV antenna in honor of this challenge. I flipped the couch cushions and everything got a good dusting, etc.

* Shop the house. I have lots of junk hanging out around my house. Not everything needs to be brand new to make a room feel brand new.

* Don’t wait until you have tons of money or time to create a space you love to be in! I’m guilty of this. I wait for the perfect time to make changes, but that may never come. It feels so good to have a refreshed space. I’m going to have to get busy on some other spaces in my house.

What room are you most dying to makeover in your home?

“In accordance with the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I received compensation from Better Homes & Garden for my time and participation in the Better Homes & Garden Refresh Challenge. Although we have a material connection, any publicly stated opinions of Better Homes & Garden and their products remain our own”
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  1. Your ‘After’ space looks so fresh and pretty! Love the rug & pillows!

  2. Wow! This looks great. I can’t believe that awesome only $69

  3. Looks great Kendra. Now I need you to come over to my house. 😉

  4. Great revamp! Love all the pillows!

  5. I love your living room makeover!! Everything is so fresh and beautiful. I especially love what you did with the clothes pins across the picture frame. Very nice!

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