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If you are a follower of many blogs, you have probably heard by now that Google Reader will be no more starting tomorrow. I used to use it all of the time, but became overwhelmed when I added too many blogs. As a blog reader, my life will not be greatly affected by the change, but I will be really sad if it makes it harder for you to find my new posts. If you are one who uses Google Reader to follow blogs, you will need to make a switch immediately, or lose your list. I’ve heard great things about Feedly, and it has a button right on the front page to import your Google Reader feeds. Another option is Bloglovin. It also says it will import your Google Reader feed.

If you go to my Feedburner page you can add my blog to a variety of readers or subscribe to receive my feed by email. Either way I hope you will find a way to keep up to date on my blog. I always put my posts on Facebook, but not everyone sees all of my posts there.

Pop Bottle Music Labels Titles

In other news, I guest blogged over at Design Dazzle on Friday. How to make pop bottle music  (or Pop Music bottles)with your kids. Check it out! And this Thursday, look for me to share the exciting popcorn treat we took to watch fireworks over on Today’s Creative Blog, just in time for your 4th of July celebrations.

Firework popcorn-8479

I have at least 3 parties I have yet to get up on the blog. Which would you like me to post first when I get a chance to catch up?

An Hawaiian-Elvis themed 60th birthday

A Monster monster Truck Birthday


An Under The Sea Mermaid Party


See….Now you have to find a new way to subscribe so you don’t miss any of the excitement/insanity!

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