Christian Dior Inspired Closet Drawers & Silhouette Promo

Dior box closet drawers-8884

I have a really fun project to show you today! And it actually requires me giving you a rare glimpse into my usually-messy closet. Truthfully, it is the cleanest room in the house at the moment, since I have been focusing my organization efforts in there as of late. I’m excited to show you the whole thing, but I’m still finishing up laundry to make sure everything is going to fit in there the way I want it to, and I couldn’t wait to show you my new high-fashion inspired drawers.

Dior box closet drawers-8876

I will explain in more detail when I show you the whole closet, but one of the things I have learned from several failed attempts at organization is that I am a ridiculously visual person and I need to keep lots of things out where I can see them. My new closet system is designed around that concept. However, there are a few items that just don’t need to be on display or are hard to display neatly. Rather than a dresser with stiff drawers stuffed to the brim, I purchased this Expedit shelf from IKEA to hold most of my folded clothes. But I knew I would need at least a couple of boxes or baskets to contain small items like socks, or underwear that I don’t want on display. I debated about the kind of container I would get and ended up with these Drona fabric boxes from IKEA, largely because they were significantly cheaper than anything else. But I didn’t want my closet to be boring, and being visual I needed to label my drawers in some way so I could easily remember what goes wear. Still I didn’t like the idea of plastering the word “UNDERWEAR” in giant letters on my box.


I used the Christian Dior logo as my inspiration. I downloaded a free Didot font, figured out how to mention my unmentionables in French and made a stencil out of vinyl using my Silhouette.

Stencils with Silhouette

One of my favorite things about the Silhouette is how you can use whatever font you want for your designs. I typed it all in and then created bridges for the “islands” in each letter, since I was making a stencil. I didn’t want them to be very obvious, but since the letters were small, I knew there was no way I could keep track and position all of those little pieces. I used the knife tool and the eraser tool to clear the spaces for the bridges and re-drew the lines. (If there is an easier way, let me know).

Dior box closet drawers-8872

I then peeled away each of the letters to leave the stencil behind.

Dior box closet drawers-8874

I carefully positioned the stencil on the flat box and pressed down on all of the edges. Then I applied a couple of layers of pearly white acryllic paint. We added a light layer of glitter over the top for a little touch of glam. And then peeled off the vinyl and …

Dior box closet drawers-8882 Dior box closet drawers-8880

Ta Da! If you speak French and I botched something, I probably don’t want you to let me know. I did include the translation to help me out and for the design sake.

Dior box closet drawers-8878

I really love how they turned out! It is my goal that the closet feel a little bit like my own mini-boutique and so having the boxes look like high-end shopping boxes really adds to that feel.

Dior box closet drawers-8879

Never mind that I’ve never owned anything by Christian Dior or any of his comrades in my life. A girl can dream anyway.

Dior box closet drawers-8881

I’ll show you the rest of the space soon! In the meantime, if you are looking to create your own custom stencil like I did, I have some great deals to tell you about from Silhouette!


From now through the 14th, you can get a bundle including a brand new Silhouette CAMEO®, 2 rolls of vinyl (chalkboard and white) and 1 roll of transfer paper for $269.99.

If you already have a machine, you’ll want to take advantage of the buy one get one free deal on Silhouette vinyl. I’m thinking it’s time for me to stock up!  The BOGO on vinyl includes transfer paper and stencil vinyl. I would have loved to try the stencil vinyl for this project!

Just enter code: INSANITY at checkout to get your deal!

So what do you think about my closet so far?

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  1. This is so cool and clever! And what a great idea to use French labels…everything sounds so chic that way!

    • Thank you! It definitely makes me feel more chic, even if it is all make-believe and I only took one semester of French. Merci!


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