Super Hero Surprise 30th Birthday

Superhero 30th birthday Title

I’ve shown you the comic book style invitations and save the dates I made for my brother-in-law’s surprise 30th Superhero birthday party. It’s about time I show you the rest of the party!

Superhero 30th birthday-8926

I won’t be giving any lengthy tutorials because I didn’t do most of the work for this party. I think I planted a bug in my sister-in-law’s ear a few years ago. She has been working on this party for more than a year. She and her mom got together multiple times through out the year to craft the various elements of the party. I did feed her a few ideas on this Pinterest board. I helped with the invitations, the photo booth, and the on-site styling. Here are some photos of the fun!

Superhero 30th birthday-8937


Superhero 30th birthday-8941

superhero birthday posters

Since the birthday boy is such a superhero fanatic with several of his own costumes (including Wolverine in yellow spandex) we fully exploited his photos from Halloweens past for decoration purposes. I tweaked most of them to look more like something from a comic book before my SIL added text and had them printed big. The black and white picture is an engineers print from the copy shop. Cheapest way to get a large scale print (but always black and white).

Superhero 30th birthday-8922 Superhero 30th birthday-8927

Setting the plates around each tables really provided a strong visual pop of color and set-off the utensil set perfectly. Superhero 30th birthday-8934 Superhero 30th birthday-8948


There was lots of fun stuff to do for kids and big kids…

Superhero games and prizes

This was the big hit of the night! I loved to see the superheroes doing battle with each other. Superhero 30th birthday inflatable-9009

And good stuff to eat…

super hero food ideas

Superhero 30th birthday-8954


Get a look that the insane cake my other sister-in-law made for the occasion! I should warn you though, if you attempt something similar…I don’t think we had the cake stand put together quite properly (it was supposed to be topsy turvy but not lean quite so far) and the extra gravity did take it’s toll on the top layer before too long. Wolverine’s giant claw was a little much to handle. But still…really cool, right?

Superhero 30th birthday-8960


Super hero photo booth

The party planners made the telephone booth out of a refrigerator box, and I took some long IKEA boxes (remember the post on my underwear drawers) and cut and painted them to look like a cityscape. I also got a few fun props for the good sports among us. And here are a few pictures captured in our “booth”.

superhero photobooth fun

I don’t usually reveal our family costumes this far in advance, but can anyone guess what we are dressing as this Halloween? 🙂

I do have a little DIY to show you and maybe we’ll do another Family Costume Parade soon!

Hope you are having a SUPER day!




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