Easy No-Sew Superhero Capes and Costume

DIY Robin costume-9000

So by now you know that we are doing the Superhero thing this year for Halloween. Our costumes were a combination of borrowed, assembled, and made. My boys are going as the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin. We were fortunate enough to have inherited the batman costume. I bought the mask, but didn’t have a cape. I also couldn’t find a Robin costume that I liked, so we DIYed the Robin suit and the capes for both boys as simply as I knew how…without any sewing!

Batman (1966) Batman and Robin

I liked the old-school Robin in tights costumes, partly because he is 3 and can pull of the tights and partly because it goes with the version of Batman costume that we had.

no sew superhero capes-8890

We bought a package of cotton t-shirts/undershirts and a package of cotton training pants and some RIT dye. We dyed one of the shirts green and one of the shirts red, as well as the underpants green. After they were dry, we cut the sleeves off of the red shirt to make it look like a vest. I created the “R” emblem and the yellow laces (is that what they are?) out of felt and glued them to the shirt with liquid stitch.

DIY Robin costume-9002 By the time we took these pictures, the belt we had borrowed from his brother had slid down below his vest (but it is there). I made his mask out of black felt and attached elastic string to it. It was actually the felt that is backed in adhesive–not because I planned it that way, but because it was what was available in the store. I left the backing on and it gave the mask a little more stability. He actually won the costume contest at the birthday party because the birthday boy loved our take on the old-school Robin costume.

Cape from t-shirt

I still needed capes for both boys. I bought old t-shirts from the thrift store-yellow for Robin and black for Batman–several sizes bigger than they would normally wear. I cut off the sleeves, then drew a line from the center of the collar to the shoulder and cut it out. By folding the cut side of the front of the shirt over, I could match my line on the other side of the shirt. By leaving the collar in-tact and cutting off the rest of the front of the shirt, I made it so that they can just slip the cape on over the costume.

no sew superhero capes-8894

For the Batman cape, I took a bowl and drew batwing scallops along the edge and cut those out.

DIY Robin costume-9001 I’m not sure how well the capes will stand up after lots of play but for a quick and inexpensive costume accessory, they were just the thing!

Are your costumes ready for this Halloween? What will your family dress up as this year?

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  1. Looks great! How did you do the dye? Do you use your washing machine or in a container? I wonder about the dye staining the washer.

    • We used a pot on the stove, which is my husband’s preferred method. We’ve done it in the washing machine in the past and never had a problem, but it seems to work best with really hot water.


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