Corncob Treats for Thanksgiving Placecards

Corncob Treats Thanksgiving

I was really pleased with how our Thanksgiving table came together last year!  It was an elegant out-door gathering featuring gold and cornhusks.

Thanksgiving dinner-4915

You can read all about it here. But I thought I would explain a little more about the corncob treats I made to serve as both a kid-friendly dessert and a decorative place card that tied in with the other cornhusks in the decor.

The corncobs were quite simple to make, despite comments on Instagram from my friends about how crazy I am as I was making them. You could get the kids involved on this one! corncob treats how to

I simply melted marshmallows and butter following the recipe I would use to make Rice Crispy Treats, but instead of rice cereal I added a mix of Kix and Cocoa Puffs (or maybe generic versions of these). I used less of the cocoa cereal than the corn cereal so it would give that random look of indian corn. I put plastic baggies on my hands and coated them in a thin layer of butter, so that I could pick up the cereal mixture and shape it into oblong corn cob shapes. At this point, I posted an Instagram picture to make sure people could tell what I was going for. They did, but I think it was more clear when I added the dried corn husks. When the cobs were set, I wrapped them in cornhusks, like the kind you would buy for tamales–look in the Mexican food section of your grocery store. Then I used a small piece of twine to tie each end. I used the Tom Kat Studio Thanksgiving printables for the name tags. I just punched a hole in one corner and tied it to the twine.

Thanksgiving dinner-4917

These would be a great addition to your formal celebration, or something fun for the kids’ table or a preschool Thanksgiving party!


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