Festive Flower Arrangement with The Bouqs

Disclosure: Thanks to The Bouqs for sponsoring this post!

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9953

You probably know by now that I adore fresh flowers! If I could always have a bouquet of fresh flowers in my home, I would and I would smile each time I passed by them. I’ve done several posts with ideas for floral arrangements in the past. So when I was presented with the opportunity to receive some flowers from The Bouqs and share them with you, I said, “yes, please!” They are offering you an amazing opportunity, too! So even if you don’t want to read all of my ramblings, scroll down to the end of the post for a huge giveaway and discount for my readers! The Bouqs Delivery

The Bouqs has a very different business model from your typical on-line flower delivery website. The flowers are never cut until they are ordered. Then they are shipped directly to the recipient from the growers, either in California or from the side of a volcano in Ecuador. Yes, an active volcano! I’ve actually been to the volcanos of Ecuador and seen the gorgeous roses and flowers that grow there. The climate is perfectly for growing! Always cool–never too hot or too cold. I actually wanted to go back and honeymoon at the foot of one of the volcanos. They are that beautiful! (Didn’t happen. 🙁 Maybe an anniversary trip one of these years!)

Also, unlike other flower delivery services, these come in growers bunches, not in arrangements like you might expect. This gives you a bit more freedom with how you arrange them (and a lot less cheap filler flowers).  Fortunately, they come with some basic, easy-to-follow instructions so you don’t have to be an expert floral designer to enjoy them. ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9947

I should also warn you that they may not look as impressive to you when they first arrive as they will end up being, if you aren’t used to buying growers bunches.  The bunches are packaged tightly, so they look kind of small. The flower heads may also look small since they are closed and some may be a little squished from the ride. Just give them a good drink of water and wait for the magic to happen. ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9948

You may want to remove a couple of outer petals if they are discolored or misshapen. But don’t be too aggressive about this.

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9950

On the day my flowers came, I didn’t have time to do an elaborate arrangement, so I just cut the stems and put them in a vase with water. I lost a couple of heads in the unpacking process.  But the good news is that all of the Bouqs bouquets ship with 15% extra blooms to offset any damaged in delivery. For example, if you ordered a dozen roses you would get 14, not just 12. Hooray!
ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9952

Even though the flowers were still rather closed, I loved the loose rustic arrangement it made when I placed them in the vase with their accompanying Italian Ruscus. Again, evidence that you don’t have to have special skills to make a pleasing flower arrangement. 

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9954

Just a few days later you can see how full and lush each flower is. And while I was loving the organic arrangement, I wanted to come up with something a little more festive since it is Christmas time, and my ranunculus remind me of snowballs.

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9970

I made this more clustered arrangement complete with some festive ornaments to reflect the season. ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9957

To add the ornaments to the bouquet, I simply placed a wooden skewer into the hole in the top of the ornament. This one needed just a little hot glue to hold it in place. I just inserted the ornaments into the arrangement where there were gaps between flowers.

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9960

This time, I only tucked the greens around the bottom edge of the arrangements so that the “snowballs” would be more clustered together.

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9967  

This arrangement would be fun for Christmas or New Years festivities! ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9976

One of things I appreciate about The Bouqs is their very straight-forward pricing. Prices include shipping, so there are no additional fees tacked on!

For the Volcano Collection (From South America)
• Original Bouq – $40
• Deluxe Bouq – $50 (double the blooms of the Original Bouq) *{This is what I got!}*
• Grand Bouq – $70 (triple the blooms of the Original Bouq)
• Shipping included.
• Orders take up to 6 days for delivery; deliveries take place Monday – Friday.

For the California Collection: 
• Original Bouq – $50
• Deluxe Bouq – $60 (double the blooms of the Original Bouq)
• Shipping included straight from the California coast. 
• Orders can be placed for next day delivery prior to 11:45am PST Monday – Friday.

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9979

Of course, these make a wonderful gift for your loved ones this holiday season!

To receive Bouqs on time for the holidays, you’ll need to place your order prior to the dates below:

Christmas (December 25th):
Order Volcano Bouq by: December 19, 2013
Order California Bouq by: December 22, 2013

New Years (December 31st/January 1st):
Order Volcano Bouq by: December 25, 2013
Order California Bouq by: December 28, 2013

ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9982

But before placing that order, visit The Bouqs and register to register to receive a 20% off discount code. ranunculus hoilday flower arrangement-9983

And this part gets even more exciting!

One of the services The Bouqs offers is a concierge service for those who like to send flowers regularly. They can make it happen. How would it feel to have gorgeous fresh flowers delivered every month? Well one lucky winner is about to find out and I want it to be one of you! (Actually I want it to be me, but it can’t, so I want it to be you! :-))

 1 (one) reader from across the participating blogs will win 12 months of Bouqs!!! (Can I enter? Please!)

The contest starts now and runs until 10am PST Monday, December 23rd. The winner will be announced Monday, December 23rd at 3pm.

How do you enter???

  • Register at The Bouqs to receive their 20% off discount code and browse the site to see all of the great Bouqs you can give as a gifts or use to decorate your table for a gathering.
  • Come back and tell me in a comment 1)Who would you gift a Bouqs to?  and 2) which Bouqs would you choose? (name or bouq or link ) and  3) Why would you give those flowers to this special person?

Don’t hold back on the emotion! The Linqia team will select the best comment from all participating blog posts, so make it good! I’d love for one of you to win this so I can live vicariously through you!

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  1. 1) I would give Bouqs to you 3) because I know you would love them and use them! 😉
    2) It is hard to choose between all those beautiful flowers but I love Bundle of Joy and lush Us.

  2. 1) I would give Bouqs to my neighbor 3) because this is the first Christmas since she lost her husband in June. 2) I would probably choose Candy Cane for her.

  3. My husband’s grandmother is eighty-five years old, still living independently and driving herself all over town to run errands and take care of her 58 year old son who has severe Downs Syndrome. He lives in a group home 45 minutes away from her house. She picks him up every Saturday like clockwork, and brings him home to spend the night with her, then takes him back on Sundays. Each year she throws an annual Christmas party for him and the other men who live in his group home. Over the years many different men with many different needs have come and gone, but she treats them all as if they are the most special people in the whole world. She is an advocate for them, and demands that the staff give them the respect that they deserve. She is, by far, the toughest lady I’ve ever known. I cannot even begin to imagine what she has endured in her 85 years of life, but I know that she deserves many rewards in Heaven for all the good deeds she’s done for the very special son she was blessed with.

    I would love to surprise her with a year’s supply of flowers! For the tough little lady who does so much for others without complaint, I would choose White Dragon.

  4. Aww those flowers look so beautiful! Love the ornaments you added! ?

  5. I’d give a gift bouquet to a friend who lost her husband this year. She also had a baby this year would I love to brighten her day with something as beautiful as these fresh flowers.
    2) which Bouqs would you choose? Lush Us https://www.thebouqs.com/en/volcano-collection/87-lush-us.html
    3) Why would you give those flowers to this special person? I can only imagine the pain she must be feeling as she watchs her daughter grow with her husband to be there to witness it.

  6. Christina Negrete says

    1)Who would you gift a Bouqs to? My mother. 2) which Bouqs would you choose?https://www.thebouqs.com/en/california-collection/136-joshua-tree.html 3) Why would you give those flowers to this special person? Because she always helps me out with the kids and life 🙂

  7. Gorgeous flowers! I LOVE getting flowers!
    I would send flowers to my sister in law, who just lost her 10 month old sweet angel baby this year. A little reminder of how beautiful life can be and that he is always with her. Flowers come from the heart and they brighten anyones day.

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