Earth Day School Treats

Each time one of my children has a birthday, I try and get creative about what I can bring into the classroom for school treats since our school doesn’t allow homemade goods. My oldest daughter’s birthday lands on Earth Day and last year, we used that as our theme for the entire celebration. I’m working on a long post with all of those details, but I thought I should share what we took to school in case your school is celebrating Earth Day. These were a big hit!

Earth Day School Treats

The inspiration and the printable “Compost Pudding” leaves come from my girls at Paging Supermom. You can get the link to the printable on their site. To make this school-friendly, I purchased individually packaged chocolate pudding cups. Then we set up our compost pudding bar.

Earth Day Birthday Party

The kids could open their pudding and add their choice of crushed up Oreos – “dirt”, fresh mint leaves, worms, and of course the compost pudding tag label.

Earth Day compost pudding bar-2

Earth Day compost pudding bar One might be tempted to take it easy this year, being largely pregnant, but I’m not sure I can when the kids in her class can remember every birthday treat we’ve ever brought in–not to mention all of the school Valentines. That’s what I get for setting a precedent.

Earth Day School Treats-2

And here is the happy birthday girl a year ago, when she hadn’t started wearing mascara on a regular basis and looking so grown-up. She and I are busy on this years’ birthday insanity this week. Hope we can pull it off in time! Stay tuned for the rest of the Earth Day birthday here. And follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks at this year’s insanity!

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  1. These are DARLING! Way to go Supermom!!

    • Thanks, Bettijo! And thanks for the great printable and other Earth Day ideas! They were a great resource!

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