She’s About to Pop Shower on TV

YLAZ tapings It was exciting (and a bit nerve-wracking) to be invited to do a segment on “Your Life A to Z”, one of the local lifestyle news shows, this week. When we realized that both the host, Kyle Unfug, and I were pregnant, it seemed like baby showers would make a perfect topic!  I resurrected some of the printables and ideas from an old favorite post, where I helped my sister throw a “She’s About to Pop” Shower for one of her friends.

Some readers have had a hard time accessing the original printables through Scribd, and I ended up doing some updates/redesigns on the labels, so I will share the video of the TV appearance here, and if you say nice things about my very pregnant appearance on the show, I’ll share the updated printables on this post. (j/k I’ll share them anyway, but I appreciate the moral support!)

It was lots of fun doing the show and Kyle was so cute and fun to tape with! I just hope they give me another chance to come on when I am less pregnant and breathless.

Here are some pictures from the taping:

About to Pop Shower

Here are some printables if you are throwing your own shower! Don’t forget to check out the original post for more ideas! Click on the thumbnails to bring up the full-sized image to print.

soda labels 1 soda labels 2

food tent lables popcorn pop food tent lables

And if you found me through the TV show, welcome! I hope you will follow me on Facebook and some of my other social media channels. I put a lot on Instagram these days and have tons of Pinterest boards that may be helpful in all of your party planning insanity.

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