Glow in the Dark Trunk or Treat Backdrop DIY

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I’ve been on a bit of a glow-in-the-dark kick lately. It started with my son’s Laser Tag Birthday (which will be up on the blog very soon), and transitions nicely into Halloween! I was already scheming up some glow in the dark ideas for our trunk for this year’s Trunk or Treat when I was given the opportunity to try out Tulip glow paint. I had fun experimenting! Here is a sneak peek at a test run for our trunk’s decor and some ideas of how you can create glowing decorations this Halloween.

Tulip glow paint

This is what the paints look like. In the light and in the black light. 😉 The smaller bottles have smaller openings for more detailed designs. IMG_7432

So this post is totally going to spoil our big family costume reveal this year. But as you can see, I’m working with a Scooby Doo Mystery theme, for the trunk or treat decor. The main DIY project is the backdrop to hang in the back of the car. I looked at some pictures on the internet for reference, but freehanded my designs on some heavy-duty black fabric I had on hand.

Glow fabric paint designs

I used the big green paint to draw the outline of the wording. Orange outline for the words and flowers. White (natural) paint for the bones and green detail paint for foot prints.

I learned (the hard way) that these paints work best as outlines, dots, and dashes. They didn’t work well for filling in large sections of a design. You could brush on a thin transparent layer of paint with a wet brush if you want a more subtle glowing effect. But squirting the dimensional paint for your design will yield a very bright vibrant design under a black light.



You aren’t limited to fabric only. I quickly added glow paint with an intentionally drippy effect to spell BOO out of these pumpkins. That’s one of the great things about Halloween–precision is less-effective.


I added a few more glowing details to complete my mock trunk. Giant glowing googlie eyes turn a regular candy bowl into a mysterious monster.


Glow in the dark footprints add to the mystery.



Set it up with a black light. For the car either us a battery powered light, or get a car adapter outlet. Turn out the lights and…


ZOINKS! We have a groovy, retro trunk that Scooby would be proud of, all aglow for the little Trunk or Treaters.

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  1. Fun idea! I bet it will be really cool at your Trunk or Treat.

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