New Years Cards by Minted

Minted year in review new years cards

I love sending Holiday cards. I used to spend hours DIYing Christmas Cards. Then I transitioned to more clever photography with professional printing to expedite things a bit. This year was a particularly busy year. I thought about skipping cards all together. But as it often goes with a busy year, it was also a very newsy year. I hadn’t yet sent out birth announcements from my baby’s birth in July (Yes. He is a 5th child). Even though there wasn’t enough time to make it happen for Christmas, I didn’t want to wait a full year to send greetings and an update to family and friends. I opted to send a New Year’s greeting instead and found the perfect Year in Review Booklette card from Minted.

Minted year in review new years cards-8907

It was a great way to capture the news of the year, in a beautifully designed layout and use lots of photos from a recent family DIY photoshoot in our Arizona desert.

Minted year in review new years cards-8915

One of my new favorite things about Minted, is that they will now address your envelopes for you for Free! And they don’t just print them in Times New Roman. The front of the Minted Envelopes are designed to be as artful as the cards they hold.

Minted year in review new years cards-8911


I always agonize about how to address the envelopes because I want them to be beautiful, but there is something to be said for efficiency. So excited that Minted satisfies both requirements. You can store addresses in your account and have them ready for the next occasion.

Minted year in review new years cards-8916

I hope this helps you feel better if you didn’t quite make the Christmas Card deadline this year. Why not send a New Years Card…or a Valentines Card…or even a St. Patrick’s Day card! You’re sure to stand out from the crowd then! 🙂

We are expecting great thing from 2015 and wish the same to you dear readers and friends! Happy New Year!


Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and cards were provided at no cost to me. Opinions, photos, insanity, etc. are all my own.

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