Cute and Clever Valentines from 2015

Watercolor valentines
If you follow me on Instagram, this post may look rather familiar. While the blog was kind of quiet, I was overgramming over on instagram. These are the valentines I sent with my elementary school students for their friends for Valentine’s Day. The joke valentine is a printable from the always-clever Erika over at Yellow Pear Photography. I am excited about the watercolor valentines I designed for my daughter. We wrote secret messages in white crayon. The friends take the paint brush and get it wet and use the watercolor paint in the hearts to paint over the white space and reveal the message. Remind me next January. I will post a full tutorial and a printable. (UPDATE: Tutorial and Printable now available! Watercolor Valentine Printable)

Lets Play Music Valentines

But that wasn’t the end of the clever Valentine’s for the day. I also want to give some thematic valentines to my Let’s Play Music students. We are in the Blue Bugs semester of this program and so I thought these bug valentines (printable by Dandee Designs) were perfect.

candy hearts

I saw that candy hearts also came in single letters this year. I was crazy enough to sort through all of the letters and find the ones needed to spell V-A-L-E-N-T-I-N-E-S. I created the heart printable so that my students could practice spelling their new word and show it off to their parents.

smartie valentines

At the last minute, my teenager decided she needed some candy to hand out to her friends, so we printed out these cute valentines we found on Today’s Mama since I had some Smarties on hand. I thought they were super-cute.

shark valentine

We did not create this valentine, but I had to share it. One of my cute music students brought this for my son and the other kids in class. It is a shark on a clothespin so the mouth opens and closes. I love that the shark came with a bag of goldfish in it’s mouth and a note that says ” Have a bite on me!” So cute, right?

Valentines food

In other Valentine news, we were lucky to have a nice dinner date out on Friday night. On Saturday, we celebrated with the kids, which meant yummy food including crepes with lemon curd and berry sauce, homemade heart-shaped pizza and chocolate-dipped strawberries. Instead of flowers, BSB made me fruit flowers.

Valentines roses


And then we bought some real flowers on President’s Day when they were cheap!

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day! If you are looking for more creative ideas for class valentines, make sure and check out my comprehensive Pinterest board.

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