Family Outings Arizona Style- Pt. 3 Pogo Passes

Pogo Pass Spring Break

Wrapping up my Spring Break in Arizona series today. I had planned to do a post on The Cookie Doughjo and share some of the fun we have had there, but sadly got word that the Doughjo is closing this week. It was such a fun business and will be missed.

makutus insanity

My children and I will most likely spend our Spring Break Pogo Pass hoping. If you need more background about the pogo passes, read this post. You can see some of our recent expeditions above. Even though we aren’t amazing skaters, it is fun to have the opportunity to try some of these things with out breaking the bank.

Pogo pass venues change periodically, but whenever a venue is taken off, they replace it with something new. Right now would be a good time to purchase because Makutu’s Island was just added, but Enchanted Island may be closing it’s gates in May. You could hit both of them during Spring Break and also be ready for the new Fat Cats venue coming soon. Use Code: INSANITY to get 60% off each pass.

Here are a few tips we have learned about pogo passes:

  • Check venue pogo pass time restrictions. For example, we went to Jumpstreet (as pictured above) on President’s Day,  because pogo passes are only valid there on Mondays and Wednesdays, so you will likely get the most out of it during a school break or summer.
  • Doublecheck what is included. You might want to bring some extra-change for things like roller-skate rentals (see above)
  • Mix it up! Try and visit lots of different venues to maximize your value and fun.

CLICK HERE to hurry and purchase your Pogo Passes in time for Spring Break! Use code INSANITY for the 60% Savings of of the pass purchase price.

Maybe you will bump into us around town…

Happy Spring Break!

Disclosure: I am an affiliate with Pogo Pass and will receive a small commission of your purchase price. 

Check out pt.1 and pt 2 of this series for more Spring Break Family Fun ideas.

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