Making Over Me: Part 2 Curly Girl

Yesterday I told you about my 25 lb. weight loss transformation. Come back tomorrow for a little more makeover madness fun!

Makeover #2: Curly Girl

curly hair sassy selfie

My new curls have me feeling more fun, confident, and sassy! And taking more bathroom selfies.

Despite success with my weight loss goals, it has still been hard to feel “put together”. I hadn’t been to a salon or done anything with my hair for more than 2 years, I think, between expense, baby, and a bunch of other children, etc., to attend to. I find myself going gray prematurely, which I find incredibly annoying. I’ve even considered embracing it and going for the granny chic hair trend, but I think I am past the age and not to the level of coolness to pull it off without really looking like a granny. Looking at the gray hair framing my face makes me feel old and tired. I was ready for a significant change, but not sure it would be wise to go very short with my kind of hair, and definitely didn’t want a high maintenance hairstyle. Who has time to flat iron anyway?

I have always had very thick hair. As a child, it was curly, but for most of my life it has been what would be more accurately described as frizzy or poofy. Most of my adult life has been spent trying to use products and methods to tame my wild hair and make it appear sleeker and smaller…with modest success.

About a year ago, some of my curlyheaded friends were discussing techniques for maintaining curly hair that involved not shampooing, etc. I wasn’t sure if it applied to my hair, since it generally formed waves instead of uniform curls. I started doing a little research and trying some different products, but hadn’t noticed a real difference until now.

My curlyheaded kindred spirit, Kameron, found a salon in Gilbert called Curls Gone Wild, that has Deva Curl certified stylists and at her urging, I scheduled an appointment for a color and cut. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was excited to allow my hair to be more of what it was naturally intended to be, rather than trying to force it into trying to be straighter and smaller than it is. I didn’t expect such pretty formed curls. hair before and after

This is not a sponsored post, but I wish it was, because I have had so many comments and people interested in what I have done to my hair to make it curl like this. The process is more involved than I can describe here, especially since I am still learning and trying to get it down just right. But the main concept is to hydrate my hair completely and avoid everything that will cause friction which leads to frizz (which includes the things I have done all of my life, like shampooing and brushing). For the full scoop get this book (affiliate link):

This page from the book made me smile: The 12 step program for Curly Girls. It is a little funny and also rings true. This is why I say this hair change almost feels like adopting a new religion, rather than just a new salon.

hair steps

And these are the products I am working with that work so much better than anything I have ever tried in my extensive hair history.

I actually prefer the Ultra gel to the light gel. It is pretty cool stuff, because it doesn’t stay crunchy. (affiliate links)


I highly recommend consulting a salon that has stylists that are Deva Curl certified. My stylist at Curls Gone Wild spent a lot of time educating me on what to do, not just fixing my hair. They don’t teach this stuff in regular cosmetology school so you have to find a specialist.

I was a little nervous what my husband would think. Not only did he love the curls but he noticed a new spring in my step and sparkle in my eyes. My favorite compliment so far (and there have been many) came from my teenage daughter who said, “If feels like this is the way your hair is supposed to look. It looks like you!” And that is the journey I have been on lately…to find and feel more like me!

Read about the other fun details that have contributed to my makeover in Part 3.

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