Sharp Pencils for the Music Classroom

Sharp and flat pencil holders

printable wrappers for your pencils holders in your music classroom.

It’s been a bit quiet around these parts, and by these parts, I mean this blog, because there is really nothing quiet about my life these days.

I have recently taken a position as the choir teacher at a local school. While I am excited to share my love of music with my students, this is my first time working outside of the home in 15 years, since I got pregnant with #1 (and also incredibly sick–vomiting can get in the way of teaching), so adjusting to the new schedule and our family life is still a work in progress.

Busy or no, the insanity is always there. I have to have a cute classroom, of course. And though I haven’t had time to add all of the creative touches I would like to add, I had to do a few things. I shared these pencil holders I created on Instagram the other day and they got a great response, so I thought I could share the printable here for other busy music teachers who like a little insanity in their classrooms, too. Hopefully, I can get on a more regular schedule with my teaching prep, etc. that will allow me to carve out some time to blog all of those wonderful parties I have been wanting to share with you.

In the meantime, enjoy my pencil holder printables as a goodwill offering, vouching that there is plenty of insanity left in this brain…even if there isn’t time to blog it all.

Click image or link below for Printable pdf.

pencil holder printables

pencil holder printables

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