Wooden Father’s Day Tie Banner

Tie Banner

Many years ago, I created a Father’s Day banner out of paper ties. I have loved this banner and used it repeatedly, but it has become apparent that making the banner out of a different material would transform it into something that could withstand the years! Here is my wooden version of the Father’s Day Tie banner! This is a fun project for a craft night or to do with the kids. You could give each kid their own tie to paint. You could add letters to spell something–I had originally planned to on these–or you could just let the ties do the talking–which is what I decided to do, since I loved the way the patterned ties look hanging together. You also have the options to leave some the wood exposed–like I did on the striped ties–for a more rustic look, or paint each tie entirely–like I did on the polka dots.

fathers day wooden tie banner-0005

But before we get too carried away designing the banner, we should make sure we know what we are doing.


  • Thin plywood (1/4″ thickness)
  • acrylic paints in color scheme and paintbrushes
  • Twine
  • sandpaper
  • jigsaw, (or friend with saw)
  • Drill

I made these in preparation for a craft class, so we purchased a large sheet of thin plywood and then had the gentleman at Home Depot cut it into one foot squares. Then I created a pattern (sharing below) and we traced the tie shape onto the wood squares. BSB was able to cut through multiple layers of wood at a time with his saw, making this a pretty quick project to prep.

He then drilled two small holes in the top of each tie. I sanded any jagged edges left after the cuts were made.

fathers day wooden tie banner-0009

Then comes the fun part of choosing and painting designs on each tie. I went with primary colors in a combination of traditional striped ties and dots. There are so many fun color-schemes and designs you could use. This would be where you would paint on letters if you want to spell something, or let each child or grandchild design their own tie for the banner.

fathers day wooden tie banner-0006

After the paint has dried you can string the ties on to the twine. If you are giving this to Dad as a gift you could wrap it up in a tie-shaped gift bag. Or save that for his wearable tie. You can find instructions for the gift bag by clicking on this post.

You can use any tie shape, but for your convenience, I am attaching a basic pattern which can be used to trace your ties. Click the image below for the free printable.

fathers day wooden tie banner-0009

Do you decorate for Father’s Day? What are you giving your dad this year? I was inspired by these top gadgets for men, but what do your fathers enjoy receiving? Leave me a comment if you can.

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