Floral and Gingham Easter

Over the year’s we have had some fun themes for our Easter celebration. It makes me happy to try and coordinate outfits and table-setting around a theme. Last year, we had fun combining two hot trends: floral and gingham.

The gingham tablecloth from my daughter’s 14th camp/dance birthday party worked perfectly as a backdrop for all of my florals, which included a real garden rose centerpiece picked from our friends’ beautiful rose garden. I had also been wanting to try some of the buttercream rose piping techniques I had seen on-line so we made these little rose cupcakes for dessert and had fun making this mini-tiered cake with my daughters.

The trick is to pipe the roses on to wax paper and let them harden before transferring to the cake. Then you can add leaves.

I am in love with beautiful paper plates. They answer the age old question of fancy vs. convenience. And these ones are so pretty, that people didn’t believe they were paper until they touched them. It took me a while to hunt them down. I am including affiliate links at the bottom of this post to save you some time, if you love them as much as I do.

And since the love is in the details, these floral straws tied everything together perfectly.

Here is our obligatory family Easter picture. There was supposed to be a little more gingham to go with our floral, but son #2 couldn’t find his cool blue gingham shirt that day. But they still clean up pretty well. Who else still tries to coordinate their family’s outfits for special occasions?


For your convenience, here are affiliate links to some of the items I purchased for this occasion:

Truly Scrumptious Tea Party Plates

Truly Scrumptious Floral Plates

Floral Napkins

floral straws

Blue Gingham Tablecloth (not the one I used, but looks nice).

Men’s floral necktie

Retro floral dress

3D Flower Children’s Place Dress

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